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In addition to three Guinness World Records, Alesya Gulevich has performed in fifteen countries on four continents with companies such as the famous Big Apple Circus (USA), Tigerpalast Varieté Theatre (Germany), Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione (France), NBA and WNBA half time shows and TV shows like Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (France) and The Ellen Degeneres TV Show (USA) among many others. She has taken her career to the highest level of show business.

Alesya’s incomparable skills along with her beauty, style and grace have elevated her performance of the Hula Hoop above all others and her artistry is sure to captivate any audience, anywhere in the world. Her performances can also be tailored to any venue including varieté, theater, circuses, sporting events, concerts, cabaret, cruises, corporate events, television and many others. They can also be adapted to fit any location or occasion. Her strong work ethic and her background in circus, dance, choreography and music make this possible.

Alesya Gulevich’s extraordinary skills as a performer should come as no surprise as Alesya was born into the rich heritage of the Russian circus. Her mother, Nadezda Bilenko, was a noted aerialist and leader of an aerial troupe and her father is the famous, honored clown, Fiodor Gulevich. Alesya not only follows in their footsteps, she has become a world famous performer of her own right using her innovation, skill and originality with her Hula Hoop act. This has also earned her, her own star on the Circus Walk of Fame.

Alesya left her birthplace in Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia, at the age of one month to travel with her family. At five years of age, she was already performing in the act: tumbling, balancing and performing acrobatics. At twelve, Alesya was performing solo in a comedy act created by her father, using bicycles and unicycles. At fourteen she developed her own act using the Hula Hoop, which she performs and continues to perfect and enhance continually and for which Alesya Gulevich is most known.

One of her more recent enhancements is the creation of her new, one-woman, multi-variety show. Click here to read more about Hoop La La.


Ellen Degeneres “The Big Show” - CBS - USA
Good Morning America - ABC - USA
The Early Show - CBS - USA
Patrik Sébastien “Le Plus Gran Cabaret du Monde” - France
"1, 2 oder 3" - ZDF - Germany
Sábado Gigante with Don Francisco - Univision - USA
The National Geographic Channel - USA
El show de los récords - Antena 3 - Spain
The Cartoon Network - USA
Living it up with Ali and Jack - USA
Quen Tiene Estrella - TV Azteca - Mexico



NBA and WNBA Halftime Shows - USA
Trump Tower Miami Opening - USA
Opening act for Jessica Simpson Concert - USA
Circus Roncalli - Germany
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Worldwide
Princess Cruise Line - Worldwide
Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs New Years Eve Private Party - USA
Caesars Palace - Las Vegas - USA
Lincoln Center Christmas Event - USA
77th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - USA
Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center, New York - USA
Eastern States Exposition - “The Big E” - USA
Opening act for Joe Nichols Concert - USA
Opening act for Jimmy Hooper Concert - USA
St. Louis Symphony with Circus Flora - USA
Busch Gardens, Virginia and Florida - USA
Funambolika - Italy



Microsoft - Seattle - USA
Sun Microsystems - San Francisco - USA
Lockheed Martin - USA
Toys R Us - Orlando - USA
Washington Mutual - Orlando - USA
ADAC - Germany
LPL Financial Services - USA



Big Apple Circus “Carnevale” - USA
Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione “Etoiles” - France
Tigerpalast Varieté Theater - Frankfurt, Germany
Hansa Theater - Hamburg, Germany
Witzigmann Palazzo “Ole” - Munich, Germany
Witzigmann Palazzo “Vivace” - Dusseldorf, Germany
Circus Flora - USA
Heilbronner Weihnachts Circus - Germany
Belarus State Circus “Elephants in Minsk Circus” - Minsk, Belarus
Circus Sarasota - USA
Circo Jumbo - Chile
Circus Cabaret Dinner Show - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Bronze Award - 2013 - Second Almaty International Circus
Festival - Kazakhstan
Special Award - 2013 - Sixth International Festival of
Circus Art in Izhevsk, Russia
Premio Gran Circo Mundial Award - 2012 - International
Circus Festival “City of Latina”
Premio Circo di Novosibirsk Award - 2012 - International
Circus Festival “City of Latina”
Guinness World Record – 2009
Guinness World Record – 2006
Guinness World Record – 2004
Eastern States Exposition star on the Circus Walk of Fame - USA


The fact that Alesya Gulevich is a three time Guinness World Record holder, with the most Hula Hoops simultaneously spun at one time, should come as no surprise. Alesya was born into the rich heritage of the Russian circus, the most respected of circus traditions. Her mother is the noted Russian aerialist, Nadezda Bilenko, and her father is the famous clown from Belarus, Fiodor Gulevich. It’s natural that Alesya follows in their footsteps.

She left her birthplace in Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia, when she was only one month old to travel on the road with her family. By the time she was five she was already in the act: tumbling, balancing, performing acrobatics and learning the disciplines and skills that would serve her in the years to come.

By the time she was twelve she was performing solo with an act created by her father, a comedy bicycle and unicycle performance. At the age of fourteen she created her own act with Hula Hoops, the act for which she has now become famous. Today she is not only one of the most sought after center ring acts in the circus world, but in great demand by cruise lines, corporations, sporting event planners and television.

Alesya Gulevich is a true modern circus artist. She has a strong background in dance and choreography, having studied ballet and jazz. She is well versed in all the circus arts from comedy to animals to flying trapeze. Most importantly, that her strong technical skills are her work ethic. Alesya has put countless hours into every show she has worked with and is a real asset to every show she is involved with.

Imagine. Sparkling hoops seem to rise from the floor to encircle her as if lifted by unseen hands. Ten hoops around her waist suddenly fly apart until they are evenly spaced from her fingertips to her toes. This unique flourish is performed with such exquisite control that Alesya appears almost motionless, the hoops seeming to have a life of their own. For a stunning finale to this fast paced excitement Alesya becomes completely engulfed in a solid mass of spinning hoops. An amazing demonstration of style, movement and grace, that has earned Alesya a place in The Guinness Book of World Records not once, not twice, but three times.

Alesya is now an American citizen.

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Silvio Canargiu, musician, composer, author (1974 - Italy).

Started his professional career in 1992 with sardinian pop bands as guitarist and later singer/guitarist.
Went to Sanremo for a pop festival with Nicola Marogna then he played for a long time with Stefano Puddu in France recording a couple of albums such as Zamballarana with Jerome Casalonga's15 elements ensemble.
Mr. Elvis Costello judged this album as "ONE OF THE 500 BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIMES"

During that period Canargiu played different styles such as blues at the Rocce Rosse and Blues Festival (as opening act for B.B.King and John Mayall) with his acoustic trio Walking blues or jazz with Federico Vassallo, Vittorio Sicbaldi, Sandro Fontoni and many others, funk and rock with Silvano Lobina, Davide Sanna, Michela Calabrese and most of the best sardinian musicians available at that time.

In 1996 started playing Bass with a MPB band in Cagliari.

In 1998 he realised his first album with his name on called D'improvviso.

On that time he moved to London Town and then to New Jersey & New York playing, composing, studying harmony, contrappunto and guitar technique.
Back to Italy in 2000 he started playin' with Sergio Bevilacqua and many other musicians around the "north-east" scene.

In 2001 flew back to U.S.A. for easter then back to Veneto and, on summer, he got to Isola D'elba and Montecampione.

2002 started with a long flight to Genova-Milano-Paris-Miami-Fort Lauderdale....destination Costa Cruises on caribbean sea untill summer.
After a 2 weeks break in Cagliari he left for Egypt until october, then he joined Costa Cruises from Savona to Canarie islands and then he spent new year's eve in Zanzibar.

Performances in hotels, resorts and clubs went on through all these years with some breaks dedicated to composition of rhapsodies, orchestral suites and rock songs.
He visited many new countries in 2003/2004 such as Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Jordan (where he met, played and recorded with giants Andrea Chiesa and Ilham Al Madfai) and all those trips modified his artistic language turning it in what we see now: a musical melting pot.

On summer 2005 Canargiu played jazz at the Forte Village with many old and new collaborators like Sebastiano Dessanay, Vassallo, Andrea Ruggeri and many others.
In september he won a local world music contest playing Aggiuteme, first song composed and sung by the duet "Silvio Canargiu - Battista Dagnino" for the album A Que .
In that period he met Samuele Dessi , a phenomenal guitarist/producer known for his studio work on most of the italian pop productions available on market.
He taught him the use of computers and music software which he used from then on to ease his music production job.
They also recorded some nice tunes not available for sell (a kind of private relics).

January-February 2006 was dedicated to composition of Jolanda, la figlia del corsaro nero, backlines for Arturo Villone direction.
Summer 2006 spent playing with Michele Del Baldo and Anna Nicolamarino , on cute valleys of Villasimius recording some new age tracks available on album Mystical Path.
In november he flew to Milan where he started working with his dear english friend John Peter Sloan to his very first comedy project: Culture Shock, first english/italian comedy show ever performed live on theatres.
Main theme of this show was "Your Culture" (find it on freeMusic), composed 4 hands with Sloan.
Debut in Milan's Zelig theatre on march 20, 2007.

In may 2007 A Que saw the light in Carloforte and Just Summer Lounge in Villasimius.
June, july and august he played quite every day with his jazz quartet featuring some of the best players in Sardinia.
In september he started back composing for a roman "Charlie's Angels" musical version and for some local singers.

In spring 2008 played in Abu Dhabi, a smiling and reactive city leading the Arab Emirates.
In summertime he wrote and produced a series of house songs for Montefeltro and some backlines for Machiavelli.

At the beginning of 2009 produced/composed the all soundtrack for John Sloan and his "Inglese essenziale".
On summer 2009 he moved to Amman (Jordan) joining Ilham Al Madfai's big band playing on islam's month of Ramadan then he started teaching at the Freddy For Music school of music and recording songs for Haitham Yousif, Ali Rehany, Faris Hussien Abdallah and his dear iraqi friend Khalid Abu Haroon.

Spent first 6 months of 2010 in Fujairah (UAE) and then he flew back to Milan.
In september 2010 started a new production with his mate John Peter Sloan called Speak Now for Repubblica and recorded a new jazz album with a brand new italian quartet: Destroy The New World Order.

In january 2011 more time was dedicated to Speak Now Evolution and Italiens (a small format inside Rai tv program Report).

On summer 2011 Destroy The New World Order was launched on market while, thanks to cooperation with Del Baldo and Allison McAreavey, recording sessions for a new chill out box were running high.

Last three months of 2011 he performed in Dubai at the Habtoor Grand.

2012 starts with a trip to Finland, then a 3 months contract as solo artist at Perde Pera in Sardinia and some more trips to Tuscany and Milan.
Meanwhile, his mate Michele Del Baldo produced a new compilation containing most of the best lounge songs by Canargiu.
This album is called The best 50 lounge songs ever and inevitably it was a success
In december production called X started in Chieti with Nicola Pisano and Walter Caratelli.
The recordings for this project were made at Protosound and ended the dec. 23, just in time for Christmas and New Year's eve with John Peter Sloan in Milan.

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CEO/Founder/Artistic Director at Flying Arrow Productions LLC (Silk, Lyra, Straps, Trapeze, Balancing Duo & Dance Adagio)

Born and raised in Binghamton, NY, Kristin Arrow has always had a love for the performing arts. She attended Binghamton High School where she entered into the International Baccalaureatte program as well as the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts studying dance, drama, and more. At this young age she first experienced performing professionally under the artistic direction and technical guidance of Karen Koyanagi with the Rod Serling Dance Company, and even travelled as far as Africa.

While studying geological science at Binghamton University, Kristin found herself performing with multiple theatrical and culturally diverse dance organizations. After college, Kristin found herself in Miami, Fl studying aerial silk and dance trapeze with Evgueni Baranok. Since then, Kristin has travelled the world as a professional aerialist, dancer, and model, experiencing locations such as Panama City, Panama, Calgary, Canada, Bridgetown, Barbados, to name a few.

She has been featured in shows for Mary Kay, Food Network, CA World, Aspen Jazz Festival, Jamaican Independence Day, The Atlantis, Super Bowl events, Cirque du Soleil Corporate, and many more high end events. Kristin has performed alongside legendary bands and artists such as Styx, 112, and Busta Rhymes, as well as world-renowned DJs like AfroJack, David Guetta, Dead Mau5, Lil’ John, and more. She has had the honor of being a special guest performing at many celebrity events for the likes of Jim Carey, Holly Madison, Kevin Dillon, Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian, Jason Taylor, the Dallas Cowboys, and several others. Just a few of her modeling credits inculde VPX Sports for Redline,, the face of Starbooth Video Karaoke, the cover and 2 page spread of Human Performance Magazine, fashion shows for Apple Bottom, Luxury, Nycked, Lycra, Bullets for Peace, and Calvin Klein.

Television appearances range from Univision's "Sabado Gigante", Telemundo's "Descontrol", Deco Drive, and Bahamas Celebration commercials with Carmen Electra and Daisy Fuentes. Media Kristin has appeared in ranges from the front cover of "The Miami Herald," to "Modern Luxury Magazine," and "Ocean Magazine." On a more permanent basis, Kristin was the aerialist featured in "Temptation Cabaret" in the Hard Rock of Hollywood, Fl., the permanent aerialist for the Opium Group, the silk performer in the international and national tours of Cirque USA's "Cirque Odessy" and even assisted in the choreography of "Rock the Big Top."

Of all the events she has been a part of, Kristin's favorite and most unique appearance was performing silk outside 70' in the air on a crane for Eugene Melnyk's party. Kristin's passion and dedication has led her to become a success, performing professionally for corporate and theater shows world wide.

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Yoga and Pilates certified instructor, Gyrokinesis certified teacher and Vayu Aerial Yoga creator

Ana Prada was born and raised in Colombia. She’s an aerial dancer and yoga practitioner. She studied contemporary dance in New York City, where she started to explore aerial apparatuses like dance trapeze and rope. She then moved to Montreal where she specialized in aerial silks and hoop.

Ana has worked with companies like Cirque du Soleil, “El despertar de la Serpiente” for the Expo 2008 in Spain, the show ‘Ulalena (Maui, Hawaii) as an acrobat, dancer, and aerial coach, and she has also worked with groups such as Antigravity, Caravan Stage Barge, and the duo project Madame Molotov with Edith Sauvé. She has also done numerous special events for Cirque Eloize, Cirque Fantastic, and Samadhi Aerials in places like Thailand, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA.

As a yoga and Pilates certified instructor, she travels and teaches far and wide, combining her seasoned experience as a yoga and Pilates instructor with all her wonderful tools including aerial work, conditioning skills, and injury prevention. She has shared her talents at many different studios in Montreal, and also at several international workshops and festivals in places such as Hawaii, Miami, and Colombia.

In her work, she is always interested in finding a deeper balance and a real organic connection, “aerial roots”, to be grounded wherever she goes.

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Alicia grew up doing gymnastics, ballet and dance since the young age of 3, and competed all over New England. She discovered the art of pole dancing in 2004, and since then has dedicated herself to training herself and growing as a pole artist. Using her past gymnastics and dance abilities, Alicia embraced the more artistic side of pole, yet still loves and incorporated the sexy, slinky side of it. She loves to learn and has had the opportunity this year to take a few workshops with some of the great pole dancers of the world, and would like to keep doing so!
The past 2 years, Alicia started to share her abilities as a dancer with women in her area by teaching a small group of beginners interested in pole fitness in her area. Doing so helped her develop a clear, comprehensive, and progressive syllabus that builds one move on top of another in order to build strength. To help her students build grace and fluidity she also incorporates dance transitions and sultry floor and wall work to her routines and choreography also.
Alicia's goals for the upcoming years are to continue to spread the joy of pole dancing to women all over New England by teaching workshops and at the few studios in the area. She would also love to compete in national competitions or dance in showcases because she loves the elation of being on stage expressing herself through dance! Eventually in the years to come, she would like to open her own studio for pole and aerial.
Alicia also continues her own dance study by continuing to take classes in classical ballet, aerial (trapeze, silks, lyra), and aerial yoga/ yoga.
All of Alicia's classes and workshops are based on her belief of proper technique! This means no jumping or kicking into inverts and/or other moves, but using core strength to ease into moves with control. Doing so prevents injury and produces a safe and productive learning environment. Advance tricks start out as baby steps toward them. Pole builds on itself and Alicia's syllabus reflects this to include moves that build upon each other, and strength building and flexibility training also. Safety and injury prevention, along with a pace that allows students to properly learn movements is what leads to confident, strong, and eager to learn pole students!

Alicia has performed/competed in:

~Polesque 2010 in Brookline, NY
~American Pole Fitness Association Pole in the Park 2010 in Union Square NYC
~JMK Entertainment Valentines Day show 2011, Pink Pastie Burlesque 2011, and Halloween Murder Mystery 2011.
~New England Pole Dance Showcase 2011, Boston, MA.
~Super Shag Pole Fitness Invitational 2012
~Atlantic Pole Championships 2013
~Super Shag Pole Fitness Championship 2013 (4th Place)

If you are a New England studio or student that is interested in booking Alicia for classes or workshops please send a private message with your name, telephone number, email, location and studio affiliation (if any).

Alicia currently teaches pole, aerial and dance weekly at

Founder of En L'Air: Contemporary Aerial Ballet performance company

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International Burlesque performer, Performance artist, Actress

DeeDee Luxe is an International Burlesque performer, dancer, and performance artist. She is known for being part of the "Neo-Burlesque" movement that is currently sweeping the world.
DeeDee Luxe began her career in San Francisco, and is presently living between NYC and California. She started touring as a professional dancer for rock events such as "Lollapolooza". She developed a taste for Burlesque after performing at the famous "Exotic World". She went on to co-produce neo-burlesque shows, the first of which was at the historic "Condor Club" in San Francisco.

DeeDee has performed with and for Perry Farrell, Sting, Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, Beyonce and Jay-Z, amongst others. You can catch her shows nightly in NYC at the infamous "The Box", or dinner club "Duane Park", as well as special events with nightlife impresario Susanne Bartsch. She has performed in Europe with "Exklusiv Events(Night of Masks)" and "Torture Garden" in addition to touring shows worldwide. Her recent film work includes a touring stage video for "Roger Waters/Pink Floyd's, The Wall Tour" and a movie appearance in the climatic scene of Steve McQueen's award-winning film "Shame."

Film and Television Appearances

  • Shame, movie directed by Steve McQueen
  • Roger Waters/Pink Floyd "The Wall Tour". Video Young Lust
  • Dirty Digest TV show (UK E4), New York feature segment
  • The Apprentice BBC. Modeled w/ Atsuko Kudo designs.
  • Sex in San Francisco: a documentary on the history of sexuality in S.F.
  • MTV News (performing at Jane's Addiction show)
  • Blind Date
  • Indie film: Sophie's Day Off--lead role-"Sophie" (by Joseph Frantz from MTV’s "Jackass")
  • George Clintons' "P-Funk Allstars" video, performer/dancer. Directed and produced by Dimension 7

Live Show/Performances/Events

  • Regular Performer at "The Box NYC"
  • Sleep no more NYC
  • Life Ball (Vienna, Austria) City Hall
  • Susanne Bartsch events (NYC), Greenhouse, the Standard, Juliet, Hudson Hotel
  • Art Basel (Miami,Fl) Fountainbleu, Opening of Shelbourne Hotel
  • Supper Club (SF)
  • Playboy Event (LA) (Midsummers Night Dream,Halloween) The Mansion
  • Playboy Movie screening event,(LA)" Vicky Cristina Barcelona" The Mansion
  • Madame JoJos (London)
  • Club Wonderland (Ibiza, Spain). Performer with Fat Boy Slim
  • Drag King Contest (SF). Feature performer, presenter
  • Gay Pride (SF, Fire Island and NYC) events. Performer
  • First gay parade in Warsaw, Poland. Performer
  • Burlesque on the Beach (NYC) w/ Bad Ass Burlesque, Coney Island
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion Week (NYC) Valentines party, 2006. Performed with "Citizens Band Collective" featuring Rain Phoenix, Angela McClusky, etc. Hosted by Heidi Klum.
  • Jane's Addiction/Torture Garden (London). Concert/event for Halloween. Organized and arranged.
  • Metallica band and Primus band: private event/party-performer
  • Porno for Pyros: Enit Tour (1996-1997) feature performer/dancer
  • Lollapolooza Tour 1997, feature performer front of house stage
  • Tool band-opening intro performer
  • James’ band: guest feature/performer
  • Jane's Addiction band: Relapse Tour. Produced, created, and arranged the "Genie Bottle" room. Also danced and performed.
  • Primus' Les Claypool's Frog Brigade band, performer/dancer club "Bimbos" (S.F.)
  • Fluffgirls Burlesque Tour (Europe,US, Canada)
  • The Condor (SF). Co-produced,organized, and performed.
  • Broadway Studios (SF)
  • Exotic World (aka Burlesque Hall of Fame) burlesque show (Helendale)
  • Va Va Voom Room (S.F.)
  • Brown Derby (L.A.)
  • Slipper Room (NYC)
  • Les Scandal (NYC)

Fetish and Erotic events

  • Fleshbot awards (NYC). Performer
  • Fetish Factory (Florida). Feature performer
  • Skin Two "Rubber ball" (London). Model
  • Torture Garden (London) monthly and special events. Model, performer
  • German Fetish Ball (Germany). Model, performer
  • Exklusive Events (Germany). "Night of Masks" castle event. Feature performer for 3 day event.
  • S.F.Fetish Ball. Model
  • Folsom St. Fair (SF). Performer
  • Bondage a go-go (SF). Performance art, go-go (solo and collaborations with Charles Gatewood)
  • Spectator Magazine(SF) private party/event. Performer
  • Variant Images Ball (Boston). Feature performer
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Tiffany Valentin has been a dancer since she was a young girl. Inspired by musicals and theater performance, she has majored in fine and performing arts at Queens Borough Community College and also attended LIBS Beauty School to become a hairdresser and make-up artist.

It was at this time where she stepped into the legendary Sound Factory to audition as a dancer in 2002, and where Rafi Mercado discovered her talents as a performer. Since then Tiffany has traveled with HOME all over the states ( House Of Mercado Entertainment) and performed in many productions. She has performed in the amazing production of WICKEDVILLE at Studio54 in Las Vegas, playing one of the leading roles as Dorothy. She has also performed for many music festivals such as The Winter Music Conference in Miami ( for the past 4 years), Matinee NY, The Ultra Music Festival in Miami and NY, The Low Lands Festival in Holland, Electcric Daisy Carnival NYC and the Virgin Music Festival in Columbia, Maryland in which has currently been apart of the Bindlestiff Family traveling Cirqus and Rock L Productions.

Tiffany is now a performer and Creative Director for Pacha NYC. She is also a fire performer, and snake charmer...owning her own albino burmese python named Luna. Tiffany is currently a special education teacher for Kindergarten (Paraprofessional) working for the Board of Ed, and teaches a dance program once a week, to help organize school shows and inspire the art of dance. She hopes to one day travel around the world as a performing artist and teach dance education to children.

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Professional jugglers performing at "Tropicana Cabaret"

Gesler Brothers are professional artists who early on began his circus career with very good results in their Performance and competitive. Being children also gained experience juggling circus in other genres such as balance of power, clowns and more.

They entered the National Circus School of Cuba in 2006 finishing studies in 2010, graduating as jugglers and acrobats group (Mimbre)

In 2010, participating in the Youth Tennis Festival where they get the first prize and the technical artistic mastery. In 2011 the show come as international variety Tropicana Cabaret Havana Cuba. In 2012 work at the International Tabasco Mexico achieved great public acceptance and TV. Then get the Bronze Award at the International Festival Circuba 2012.

This year pending proposals are working in the United States and Europe.

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Joseph M. St. Louis finds a unique and unorthodox way to tell story's within his dance and movement.

He started bboying (breakdancing) at age 17and spent many years learning and understanding how dance can be expressed as art. His journeys found him traveling and competing in many different cities and countries from Florida to New York, LA to Japan, and beyond. He has exhibited his work on numerous stage shows, events, concerts, and more. 

Joseph was introduced to cirque arts with the intent to better himself as a Bboy. This is when he met the man who changed his life, Evgeni Bararonk. Being formally trained by a Moscow State Circus alumni, he found interest in the German wheel, aerial arts, and pair acro. Here, he also met the woman who would shape and mold him as a performer, Kristin Arrow. She has helped him tap into his inner-self to convey a message in his movement. 

While his cirque performances have commanded the attention of powerful corporate clients such as Allstate Insurance and found him performing on a regular basis at some of the largest nightclubs like Mansion, his dancing has allowed viewers to see him in television appearances for the likes of the Hooters' International Swimsuit Pageant, his acting skills have placed him in TV episodes of shows like CSI Miami, and his model-esque looks have put him in front of audiences for fashion shows such as Calvin Klein. Joseph is an artist with a unique style combining all aspects of his background. He blends strength, grace, and emotion to live his way through each performance. 

In addition, Joseph has stage-managed several cirque-style shows such as Cirque USA's "Electric Circuit" and has been the backstage driving force of many other performances. He now makes his home with Flying Arrow Productions. When assisting in building acts and routines for others, he offers an original outlook that transforms their routine from the ordinary to the unexpected.

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Christian Atayde Stoinev is a fifth generation performer born on December 4, 1991 in Sarasota, Florida. With a fluency in three languages- Bulgarian, Spanish, and English - Christian has traveled the world performing in front of Princes, International audiences, and renowned public officials.

Christian Performed in his first international festival in Monaco in 2005 with his hand-balancing act with his beloved dog, Scooby. Christian would compete in his second festival just three years later. Being young was not going to stop him from succeeding, in 2005 he received the Grand Prize of Prince Rainier III, the Coupe "K Bronze" and awarded with the Coupe Foundation Turquoise presented by The French - Mexican Consul in Monaco at the International Festival “Premier Rampe” in Monaco.

Christian continued his international presence by performing at the 2008 Festival di Latina, where Professor Leonid Kostyuk presented him with the Special Prize of The Great Moscow State Circus. Christian’s international status has been recognized in international newspapers such as El Diario (Mexico), Nice Matin (France), Monac-Matin (Monaco), and Il Nouva (Italy).

Christian’s commitment to the performing arts began in Mexico at the age of 5.  At the age of 13, Christian was one of the youngest acts in the renowned Big Apple Circus. Since 2001, Christian has been a company member of the Big Apple Circus touring throughout the United States. Christian has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Columbus Dispatch, and The Baltimore Sun.

Although Christian has primarily focused on live performances, it has not stopped him from appearing in TV commercials and Television Specials worldwide. Whether it has been performing as the opening act on Britney Spear’s “Circus” tour, appearing on MTV en Español, America’s Got Talent, or Martha Stewart Live; Christian’s athleticism, personality, and high quality live performing skills are paramount.

Christian’s commitment to performing arts thrives, but he also remains focused on his goal of earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Illinois State University. Since beginning his college career at the age of 17, Christian has also developed a solo hand-balancing routine that he has performed in Dayton, Ohio and Dallas, Texas as part of Cirque Musica. He has also performed solo at events in Chicago, Illinois and College Basketball Halftime performances. 

Christian's professionalism, modesty, and respect are unique qualities that are leading him to a promising future. Following his anticipated graduation in May of 2013, Christian will become the first in his family to earn a college degree. Following graduation at the age of 21, Christian plans on continuing to perform around the world.


D.O.B. Dec/04/1991
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Bulgarian


2004- Big Apple Circus 2004-05 Tour Commercial. On air for 1 year.
2003- PBS Kids Boston Promos 04/03. On air for 1 year.
2002- PBS Kids Boston Promos 04/02. On air for 1 year.


2010- PBS’s “Circus” TV Documentary Series
2008- Univision-TV “Don Francisco Sabado Gigante” 04/08 and 05/08.
2007- NBC-TV “America’s Got Talent” Season 2.
2006- MTV en Español.
2005- NBC-TV "Martha Stewart Live" 12/05.
2005- National PGA Tour 12/05.
2005- News Channel 4 “Circus Kids” 11/05.
2005- CNN en Español 10/28/05.
2005- Channel 22 Mexico “Video Clip” 08/05.
2005- Univision-TV “Control” 02/05
2004- Televisa-TV Channel 2 Mexico “Nuestra Casa” 08/04.
2004- National Geographic “Under the Big Top” 04/18/04.
2004- “Teen Kids News” 03/20/04.
2003- U.K.-Canada-Australia TV “Aliens Among Us” 03/18/03.
2002- Japanese TV “The World, My Sentimental Journey-Mehumi Nisada” 04/07/02.


2012- Hanneford North Carolina Gala Show
2012- Cirque Musica Dallas, TX
2012- Cirque Musica Dayton, OH
2012- College Basketball Halftime Performance
2008-12- The Box NYC, Miami, Los Angeles


2010- Illinois State University’s Gamma Phi Circus Home Show
2009-Performed on Britney Spears “Circus” Tour in Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY 2008- International Circus Festival in the City of Latina, Italy
2005-International Circus Festival “Premiere Rampe” in Monte-Carlo 02/05/05


Appearances and/or Interviews in 45 U.S. Newspapers

New York Times
The Boston Herald
The Columbus Dispatch
The Boston Globe,
The Washington Times

4 International Newspapers

Il Nuove/Italy

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