DJ Johnny Dynell

Johnny's 2010 interview on FINN JOHANNSEN'S REWIND
Johnny's 2010 interview on the JONTY SKRUFFF BLOG

DJ Merritt "Merritt X"

Bringing you H.O.U.S.E.
DJ Merritt (aka Merritt X) is one of the most innovative and cutting edge DJs in the New York City club scene to date. From his start at Chip Duckett’s ABC at Irving Plaza to the present, his unique fusion of energetic, pumping beats has made him a dance floor favorite all across New York City and abroad.

DJ Dba M!lk

NYC based DJ/engineer/sound designer & producer, dbaM!lk (aka Geoxie Leche) has been a dance club and audio industry fixture since at the ripe age of 19 when his innovative sets landed him gigs all over the East Village of lower Manhattan including stints at the infamous Save The Robots (DJing the after hours landmark before he was even of legal age to enter it), the ground breaking Pyramid Club, The World, and Alcatraz among others.

Combining obscure European electronic instrumentals, underground Manchester, Chicago, and New York City acid house tracks, and self produced re-edited versions of elektro classics, M!lk (going by monikers Whoop-Z, Macadam the Curious, and Leche) helped sculpt the burgeoning Lower East Side underground nightlife scene of the the Early 90’s. His classic funk, soul and Latin sets are also renown.

Teaming with torch jazz singer Rhe DeVille, the prolific party producer and sound designer also was half of the seminal underground performance art group, Whoop-Z Daisy; as well and producing, co-writing and touring with the glam/punk/electro group, Saint Eve. He also scored and performed in the off Broadway run of Justin Swain’s “BUMP” for which he mixed the entire underscore live from the stage each night.

More recently dbaM!lk has been the resident DJ for the One Leg Up organization, now celebrating its 15th year of producing uninhibited, erotic underground soirees for its devoting following.

‘The Craving Space’ is the lead single from dbaM!lk’s new release ‘Abstractivity’.

DJ Kris Graham

For Kris Graham, dance music has always been mainly about the drums - pointing to his African ancestry. His main influences predates his own generation. Kris' electronic music weaning influences include but not limited to - German house & techno pioneers Kraftwerk, Robert Gorl, Manuel Göttsching, New York's Larry Levan, Bruce Forest, Francois K, David Mancuso, Chicago's Frankie Knuckles, Vince Lawrence/Virgo, Trax, DJ International artists and many more.

DJ Chris Hodgson "Deejay Smeejay"

Representing Florida to the Keys for over 20 years!