About Global Talent List

Hire The Best Professional Talent Anywhere In The World

Global Talent List was created to bring together talented professional performers with the people who want to hire them. The site was created for performers by performers who understand the challenges of getting noticed and landing that next gig. For the booker, the Global Talent List website provides a clean visual interface so that finding the right professional talent for your next event is quick and easy.

For the Performer

Joining our site takes only a few minutes. Some basic info, a short personal description, contact info and a few photos or video clip are all that we need. Once a performer has been listed on the Global Talent List website, their profile will be submitted to daily casting calls aggregated from numerous agencies. Once approved, our technical staff optimizes each profile for the search engines (such as Google and Bing) and social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.). This way, a performer’s profile can be found all over the web, not just on Global Talent List.

For the Booker

Those who are looking for talented performers for their next gig, casting, video, movie, circus, corporate, club, private, wedding or any other event will find a wide variety of exceptional talent on Global Talent List for whatever function they need, wherever they need it at no cost. The Global Talent List website is easy to navigate and our emphasis on photos and rich visuals make for a pleasing and efficient search experience.

If you are a talented performer or a company that seek more local and global exposure and can afford $19.90 per month, click the join now link below and make sure to select the category you would like to be listed in.


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