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Salma Waseem

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Henna Designing or Tattooing is an art ,it looks beautiful and different from permanent tattooing ,Henna is made from plants so it's completely safe,and will fade away after 2-3 weeks.

The henna plant had been used since the beginning of new things human started to explore and used henna as a traditional dye for skin, hair, nails leather and wool. The leaves are made into a paste with other additions (tea, oil, lemon, etc.) to heighten the color or make it longer lasting. Later, the art evolved into the people’s culture.
Henna designs are different from one culture to another and their significance and meanings are different as well. The countries that rank henna a special place in their culture include India, Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt Persia (Iran), and Malaysia.

Additional Info

  • Artist Type: Henna Artist
  • Available For: Baby Showers (Belly Painting or faces), Bars, Birthday Parties, Charity, Clubs, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Dances Parties, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Kids Parties, Photography / Photoshoots, Private Parties/Events, Street fairs / Festivals, Sweet 16, Wedding Shower
  • Language(s): English

  • Country: United States
  • City / Region: Pasadena, Arcadia
  • State: CA
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Phone: (626) 817-3472
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