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Pavel Sfera

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It is said that everyone in this has a double. Someone who could occupy a physical likeness that couldn't fool even the closest of friends and family into thinking the original is in their presence.

The world renowned singer, writer, poet, lyricist, humanitarian, father, husband and one of the most easily identifiable faces Bono from the rock band U2 has such a double. His name is Pavel Sfera.

Pavel has been a professional impersonator and look alike as Bono for nearly a decade, but has been hearing the resemblance almost as long as U2 has been together as a group. As Bono's popularity has crossed the spectrum of multi-generations, multi-cultures, classes of peoples, languages, political ideologies, Pavel has had the first hand experiences of what it's like to have affection showered to him, to have strangers cry when they've approached him, to have hoards of people sing U2 songs in unison as he's walked by, of children wanting to touch him, his clothes, his face....all walks of life wishing him blessings thinking that they are pouring their heartfelt emotions to the “Bono” himself, the ambassador to all peoples. Pavel sees it as an honor to be given such unearned affections, but he also recognizes the responsibilities, power, depth and honesty in all the genuine admiration coming his way.

Pavel has many times shared with people and fans of Bono himself that he is only a look alike and thanks them for having such affections for a man who thinks himself simple but one who has come to the world's chalkboard of life and written out the workable formula for all peoples to love one another and care for each other in their everyday lives. But as people wish to either believe they are in the presence of Bono or that they don't believe what Pavel is explaining that he's not Bono, people still don't believe. He has found it easier to share with them in the moment than to spoil the internal excitement they're feeling. Pavel like Bono feels that love flows in all things that move within and that we can float in it...through music, through charitable works, through friendships, through family and in the greatness of everyday chance meetings with strangers.

Like Bono, Pavel has been working with charitable organizations since the mid 80's and like Bono feels that it is a duty to carry the less fortunate when every possible. Pavel has spent time in many orphanages in Mexico and Romania help making life easier for all the children there.

After the death of his father in 2001, Pavel has taken deep perspectives of his life wishing for a greater meaning, a great influence and a great ability to touch the hearts, minds and souls of whomever he comes across. In so doing, Pavel decided to add to his already theatrical and musical experiences an addition that didn't need much costuming, make up or character changes. He started marketing his own “Bono” and started up his own U2 tribute band and has been entertaining & engaging audiences with U2 tunes large and small. “It doesn't matter the size of the crowd, the passion is the same, the lyrics move like gospel tunes, the flow of love of this band is like being in a boat down a great river chorus of angels” His travels have taken him to many continents making personal appearances at weddings, schools, corporate and other special events, singing to tracks to U2 music, playing acoustic guitar or just singing a capella. Pavel has been on many national and international televsion and radio programs, he has been interviewed in many newspapers and has been asked to doubled for “Bono” himself for a Vogue magazine shoot in November of 2007.

Pavel Sfera who is based in Los Angeles, California was born in the former republics of Yugoslavia from Romanian parents came to the USA as a child.
Pavel is also a poet, a writer, composer, photographer and enjoys exploring cultures, geography and exotic foods.

Additional Info

  • Look-alike Type: Bono
  • Act Type: Impersonators, Live Singers / Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist
  • Available For: Advertising , Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bars, Birthday Parties, Charity, Christmas Parties, Clubs, Commercials , Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Events, Film, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Hoiliday Parties, Photo Shoots, Private Parties/Events, Product Launches, Promotions, Store Promotions, Tradeshows, TV, Videos
  • Language(s): English, Serbian

  • Country: United States, Serbia
  • City / Region: Los Angeles, Novi Sad
  • State: CA
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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