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Originally from St. Louis native, I first began belly dancing in Florida after watching a mesmerizing dance troupe at a Renaissance Festival. I sought out the troupe’s director and was quickly drawn in by her lively personality and amazing talent. I joined her class and began learning her Turkish, Gypsy-style of belly dance. Three years later, I wrote my college thesis on “The History of the World through the Eyes of a Belly Dancer”.

I have worked with numerous instructors in the years since, each with their own interpretation and flavor, and I continue to be amazed by this dance that truly has almost unlimited possibility. It’s ancient and mysterious origins, beautiful music and positive atmosphere will never cease to fascinate me.

From the very beginning, I was perhaps most captivated by the spirit of the dance – women of all ages easily becoming friends in an atmosphere joy, acceptance and sisterhood. I teach group and private lessons and strive to foster this spirit with my own students.

I currently dance for audiences throughout St. Louis, performing at cultural and art festivals, university programs, charity events, local restaurants and clubs, and private celebrations of all kinds. You will often catch me at Nara Café and Hookah Bar on Washington Avenue – come and join the party and I’ll likely pull you up to dance with me!

Additional Info

  • Dancer Skills: Belly Dancer
  • Act Type: Single Act
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Bars, Birthday Parties, Charity, Clubs, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Cruise Ships, Grand Openings, Hoiliday, Private Parties/Events, Street fairs / Festivals, Weddings
  • Language(s): English

  • Country: United States
  • City / Region: St. Louis
  • State: MO
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Phone: 314-363-1899
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