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Terence Holland

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Hello All, I've been a dancer for over 20 years. My dancing has allowed me travel the world while performing on cruise ships the past 10 years. I trained at Alvin Ailey in New York. I'm experienced in jazz, ballet, modern, ballet, contemporary, heels, and many more. I'm also a personal trainer and yogi that loves meditation, cross training, and calisthenics. I'm energetic and outgoing with southern charm from SC.

If you're looking for a trainer with a little flare, have fun, build a relationship and pushes you, that's me. Or if you’re looking for an artist, dancer, fitness model for an event/show well that’s me too. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.


Additional Info

  • Dancer Skills: Ballet Dancer, Jazz Dancer, Male Go-Go Dancer, Professional Dancer, Modern Dancer, Free Style Dancer, Contemporary Dancer, Vogue Dancer, Cheerleader, Character Dancer, Actor, Male Exotic Dancer
  • Act Type: Single Act
  • Available For: Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bars, Christmas, Clubs, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Holiday Events, Masquerade Party, New Year’s Eve Party, Private Parties/Events, Street fairs / Festivals, Valentine’s Day Party, Advertising, Award Banquets, Commercials, Film, Promotions, Store Promotions, Tradeshows, TV, Casinos, Music Videos, Fashion Shows, Photography / Photoshoots
  • Language(s): English

  • Country: United States
  • City / Region: Waterloo
  • State: SC
  • Zip Code: 29384
  • Certifications: ISSA Certified, CPR Certified
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Email: Contact Terence Holland
  • Instagram: @terencehollandofficial


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