Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What is Global Talent List?

A: We created Global Talent List because we felt there was a need for a directory featuring the best talent in the world.

Q: Who can join this directory?

A: Any dancer, artist, make up artist, body painter, face painter, performer, event, waiter, bartender, host/hostess, staff, model, musician, dj, emcee, singer, soloist, actor, etc who meets the standards of the directory. Our list is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: We offer 3 Membership types for each talent category:

  1. $9.90 per month (online)
  2. $49.90 every 6 months (contact us)
  3. $89.90 annually  (contact us)

Q: How does the site work?

A: When a potential booker/agency/event planner goes on our site and views a particular category, for example, Aerialists, the display order of individuals is ranked according to the total number of views they have gotten. We encourage all members to tell their friends and colleagues about their listing which increases their profile rank.

B. Potential booker/agency/event planner will then use the search filter on the lefy of each entertainer/artist category to their talent search by selecting what country, city, state or zip code they need the entertainer/artist for.

Q: Who is viewing Global Talent List?

A: Booking agents, casting companies, corporate event planners, nightclub event planners, individuals looking for unique talent to spice up their next event (birthdays, weddings, bar/batmitzvahs, etc.)

Q: How do I get listed?

A: Joining Global Talent List is simple and easy:
     1. Click MEMBERSHIP AREA select the category you would like to be listed in, fill out our simple form and select your payment method for that category.
     2. Once your account has been approved by one of our account moderators. You will be sent a confirmation welcome email with all your sign in details.
     3. Log in with your new username and password.
     4. Edit your new profile with your latest talent/skills, bio, resume, photos, video, location, social and contact info.

Q: What do you need to complete my listing?

A: You will only require a few items:
1. One photo (please keep to under 250KB each if possible) NOTE: you must have authorization to use whatever photos post in your profile.
2. A resume or bio of your work (can be any length)
3. Contact information (Facebook, Instgram, Linkedin, Twitter, website or agency)

Q: Is it okay if prospects contact my agency directly even if I am listed on your site?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I be removed from Global Talent List?

A: You may be removed from our directory if you do not adhere to our Terms & Conditions. If we make updates to our Terms & Conditions that require an action on your part, you will first be notified by email regarding any changes.

Q: How do I remove my listing from Global Talent List?

A: All you need to do is send us an email to Contact Us.

Q: Can I be listed on more than one category?

A: Yes, you can be listed in more than one category. You can subscribe to the Dancers and a Performers profile separately and have access to both when you log in.

B: Click MEMBERSHIP PLANS select the category you would like to be listed in, fill out our simple form and select your payment method for that category.

Q: For Rappers - where do I list my profile?

A: All Rappers should list under "Hip Hop Singers" and NOT MCs.

Q: How can I change or update my profile listing?

A: Just click on the Members Area to log in with your personal username and password anytime to change or update your profile information.

Q: Do I need to link back to Global Talent List?

A: Yes. By linking to your personal profile from your website, Facebook page or other website, you generate more interest in your page which moves you up to the top of the category.

Q: How can I move up to the top of the page?

A: You move up to the top of the page based on how many visits/views your profile receives.

Q: Can't I just go and "like" my profile over and over to increase the total number of "likes"?

A: We use a proprietary filtering method that flags profiles our system believes are being gamed. We review these cases on an individual basis and readjust the number of "likes" to a more accurate total.

Q: What if I am looking for a job?

(Coming Soon)

Q: Can I add video or a photo gallery to my profile page?

A: This feature is included with your profile.

Q: Are you on Social Media?

A: Yes! Send me a friend request so we can be friends forever!.








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