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  • Global Talent List is the "Gold Standard" service for finding the best talent for your entertainment needs. Just as you buy Kleenex for tissues, Purell for hand sanitizer, go to YouTube for videos and Band-Aid for bandages, professionals rely on Global Talent as their trusted asset in their toolbox to produce great events. This is not an AI based community. The resources are based on real time tested relationships. This is the proven talent pool. Bookmark them to save time and move forward!
  • Global Talent list is very user friendly and has a great mix of performers and artists for all sorts of projects. As a performer on the platform there are also jobs and castings that are offered exclusively here which is just amazing as finding gigs has been much more difficult for performers lately. Would definitely recommend!
  • What an amazing company filled with unmatched talent. Everything I was looking for, all in the same place! Professional, punctual, and personable. Will definitely be using them in the future for more events. Thanks so much for everything guys. It was really a great experience from start to finish.
  • Global Talent List has excellent resources for artists and producers. It’s a great platform, easy to use and well thought out. I highly recommend this service for performance artists!
  • Simply the Best booking company from both an artist and client perspective. Top rate performers in a wide range offers so many choices and extremely well run.

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