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POWERPLAY is an international band consisting of four or five members hailing from Romania. The 5pc lineup consists of 1 female vocalist, keyboards/piano/vocals, guitar/bouzouki/vocals, bass and drums/vocals. 4pc lineup is 1 female vocalist, keyboards/piano/vocals, guitar/bouzouki/vocals, and drums/vocals

POWERPLAY is a one of a kind band with pulsating rhythms and stunning vocals. From the very first note to the very last you realize POWERPLAY is fresh, unique and innovative. They have energy, talent, and style that audiences will cherish, enjoy and appreciate during and after each and every performance.

POWERPLAY is the very best, being competitively priced, high quality, and having exceptional versatility. Because of their extensive experience performing on Cruise Ships, television, clubs and functions they appeal to audiences of all nationalities, in all markets.

Band Members

Marian Mihai – Band Leader | Keyboards / Piano / Vocals
Sebastian Constatin Soltan (Seby) | Guitar / Vocals
Constantin Borcea (Costel) | Bass
Norbert Bayer | Drums / Vocals
Silvia Iancu | Female Vocalist

Marian Mihai (Band Leader) Keyboards / Piano / Vocals

Marian comes from a multi talented musical family. At the age of six he started learning piano and by fourteen was working professionally alongside his father and sister. He is an extremely gifted musician with extensive experience on Cruise Ships, Clubs, and Television etc. His ability to play all musical styles makes Marian an invaluable asset to POWERPLAY.

Sebastian Soltan (Seby) Guitar / Vocals

When Sebi takes the stage it really rocks with his outstanding improvisations and solos. His talented musical abilities have lead POWERPLAY from one successful contract to another.

Constantin Borcea (Costel) Bass

Costel is a very well rounded, talented musician with experience in all genres of music. His impressive musicianship has made POWERPLAY one of the best rhythm sections around.

Norbert – Romeo Bayer Drums / Vocals

Norbert has over 25 years professional drumming experience playing on Cruise Ships and in his home country with original and cover bands. His rock solid beat and great vocals are given POWERPLAY that special edge.

Silvia Iancu Female Vocalist

Silvia commands the stage with her professionalism, excellent stage presence, vocals, and attractive appearance. Every performance is winner.
Her extensive repertoire includes songs in English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Russian.

Additional Info

  • Live Band Type: Variety Bands
  • Available For: Cruise Ships
  • Language(s): Romanian

  • Country: Romania
  • City / Region: Onesti
  • State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Phone: +40 742 074 407
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