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Silvio Canargiu

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Silvio Canargiu, musician, composer, author (1974 - Italy).

Started his professional career in 1992 with sardinian pop bands as guitarist and later singer/guitarist.
Went to Sanremo for a pop festival with Nicola Marogna then he played for a long time with Stefano Puddu in France recording a couple of albums such as Zamballarana with Jerome Casalonga's15 elements ensemble.
Mr. Elvis Costello judged this album as "ONE OF THE 500 BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIMES"

During that period Canargiu played different styles such as blues at the Rocce Rosse and Blues Festival (as opening act for B.B.King and John Mayall) with his acoustic trio Walking blues or jazz with Federico Vassallo, Vittorio Sicbaldi, Sandro Fontoni and many others, funk and rock with Silvano Lobina, Davide Sanna, Michela Calabrese and most of the best sardinian musicians available at that time.

In 1996 started playing Bass with a MPB band in Cagliari.

In 1998 he realised his first album with his name on called D'improvviso.

On that time he moved to London Town and then to New Jersey & New York playing, composing, studying harmony, contrappunto and guitar technique.
Back to Italy in 2000 he started playin' with Sergio Bevilacqua and many other musicians around the "north-east" scene.

In 2001 flew back to U.S.A. for easter then back to Veneto and, on summer, he got to Isola D'elba and Montecampione.

2002 started with a long flight to Genova-Milano-Paris-Miami-Fort Lauderdale....destination Costa Cruises on caribbean sea untill summer.
After a 2 weeks break in Cagliari he left for Egypt until october, then he joined Costa Cruises from Savona to Canarie islands and then he spent new year's eve in Zanzibar.

Performances in hotels, resorts and clubs went on through all these years with some breaks dedicated to composition of rhapsodies, orchestral suites and rock songs.
He visited many new countries in 2003/2004 such as Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Jordan (where he met, played and recorded with giants Andrea Chiesa and Ilham Al Madfai) and all those trips modified his artistic language turning it in what we see now: a musical melting pot.

On summer 2005 Canargiu played jazz at the Forte Village with many old and new collaborators like Sebastiano Dessanay, Vassallo, Andrea Ruggeri and many others.
In september he won a local world music contest playing Aggiuteme, first song composed and sung by the duet "Silvio Canargiu - Battista Dagnino" for the album A Que .
In that period he met Samuele Dessi , a phenomenal guitarist/producer known for his studio work on most of the italian pop productions available on market.
He taught him the use of computers and music software which he used from then on to ease his music production job.
They also recorded some nice tunes not available for sell (a kind of private relics).

January-February 2006 was dedicated to composition of Jolanda, la figlia del corsaro nero, backlines for Arturo Villone direction.
Summer 2006 spent playing with Michele Del Baldo and Anna Nicolamarino , on cute valleys of Villasimius recording some new age tracks available on album Mystical Path.
In november he flew to Milan where he started working with his dear english friend John Peter Sloan to his very first comedy project: Culture Shock, first english/italian comedy show ever performed live on theatres.
Main theme of this show was "Your Culture" (find it on freeMusic), composed 4 hands with Sloan.
Debut in Milan's Zelig theatre on march 20, 2007.

In may 2007 A Que saw the light in Carloforte and Just Summer Lounge in Villasimius.
June, july and august he played quite every day with his jazz quartet featuring some of the best players in Sardinia.
In september he started back composing for a roman "Charlie's Angels" musical version and for some local singers.

In spring 2008 played in Abu Dhabi, a smiling and reactive city leading the Arab Emirates.
In summertime he wrote and produced a series of house songs for Montefeltro and some backlines for Machiavelli.

At the beginning of 2009 produced/composed the all soundtrack for John Sloan and his "Inglese essenziale".
On summer 2009 he moved to Amman (Jordan) joining Ilham Al Madfai's big band playing on islam's month of Ramadan then he started teaching at the Freddy For Music school of music and recording songs for Haitham Yousif, Ali Rehany, Faris Hussien Abdallah and his dear iraqi friend Khalid Abu Haroon.

Spent first 6 months of 2010 in Fujairah (UAE) and then he flew back to Milan.
In september 2010 started a new production with his mate John Peter Sloan called Speak Now for Repubblica and recorded a new jazz album with a brand new italian quartet: Destroy The New World Order.

In january 2011 more time was dedicated to Speak Now Evolution and Italiens (a small format inside Rai tv program Report).

On summer 2011 Destroy The New World Order was launched on market while, thanks to cooperation with Del Baldo and Allison McAreavey, recording sessions for a new chill out box were running high.

Last three months of 2011 he performed in Dubai at the Habtoor Grand.

2012 starts with a trip to Finland, then a 3 months contract as solo artist at Perde Pera in Sardinia and some more trips to Tuscany and Milan.
Meanwhile, his mate Michele Del Baldo produced a new compilation containing most of the best lounge songs by Canargiu.
This album is called The best 50 lounge songs ever and inevitably it was a success
In december production called X started in Chieti with Nicola Pisano and Walter Caratelli.
The recordings for this project were made at Protosound and ended the dec. 23, just in time for Christmas and New Year's eve with John Peter Sloan in Milan.

Additional Info

  • Musical Instrument: Pianist, Bass Guitarist, Guitarist, Drummers
  • Ensembles Type: Soloist
  • Genre: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Lounge, World Music
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Bars, Birthday Parties, Charity, Christmas, Clubs, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Hoiliday, Masquerade Party, New Year’s Eve Party, Private Parties/Events, Resturants, Valentine’s Day Party, Weddings, Wedding Shower, Advertising, Award Banquets, Commercials, Film, Product Launches, Promotions, Store Promotions, Tradeshows, TV, Videos, Casting / Auditions, Theater/Stage, Broadway, Off Broadway, Musicals, Hotels, Lounges, Resorts
  • Language(s): Italian

  • Country: Italy
  • City / Region: Capoterra, Sardegna
  • State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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