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When you see rap duo, The Dragon Sisters, in action for the first time you’re likely to wonder: who are these magical beings? Six-foot-five, acres of liquid brown skin, legs for so many days it might as well be weeks? Are they together, like together-together? Are they drag queens? Are they twins? Only one has a beard. Sisters at least? Brothers? Are they male or female, both or neither? Are they even real? What you’re feeling is the transcendent charisma that is the hallmark of the union of multidisciplinary performers Cain Coleman (aka Odessa) and Issa Perez . There is no right answer. They’re all of the above and none of the above. Once you think you’ve seen their whole toolbox, they show you a secret compartment. The Dragon Sisters are what you get when you mix two once-in-a-lifetime soulmates, a busload of talent, and a New York City hustle mentality. From their journey as art school students, to professional modern dancers, to fashion models, to artistic directors, to night-life queens with a self-made household name, their first studio EP “The Fine Print” is the creative culmination of their entwined pasts, told with a strong focus on the future they will shape for themselves. “The Fine Print” drops February 12th 2021!

The heart of this fated collaboration lives in Issa and Odessa’s unshakable friendship. The pair met at North Carolina School for the Arts, as young dancers just entering the thick of what would be years of rigorous classical training. It happened when at a school audition, the two spotted each other in the hallway. They noticed they looked alike, both long, tall, skinny brown boys. They struck up a conversation, took a trip on the campus shuttle to Walmart, and that was that. From that day on, they would never not have each other. Both transferred to the Dance Conservatory at SUNY Purchase a year later. They were already The Dragon Sisters, they just didn’t exactly know it yet. The friendship has always been tied to learning with and from one another. Side-by-side for their formative years, they always had each other to look to for inspiration on dance, music, fashion, style, etc. Though they recognize they often have different perspectives when it comes to art, the essence of The Dragon Sisters comes from quality time spent training together, studying from the same teachers, doing the same drugs, developing their values, growing always together.

The EP’s first track, “The Vibe”, simmers into your ears, floating on a surface about to be broken by a boil. The tension of the instrumentation is there for a reason, as it speaks on behalf of all the too fem, or too masc, or too-something people that have worked hard to be where they are and deserve to be treated with respect. The subject matter is serious, even confrontational, but the melody and clever repetition of lyrics, with the instruction ‘side-to-side’, make it impossible to listen to the track without letting your shoulders dance. It’s in this opener that we get an introduction to the full spectrum of the duo’s talents. Their quick-witted lyricism, punctuated by vocal manipulations, keep the ear excited but sit comfortably within the group’s developing umbrella of sound.

The whole EP is a meeting of many musical genres, exploring rap, RnB, pop, rock, and a flash of a boy-band/girl-group allusion here and there. It’s a chill but motivating vibe, music to listen to with the windows down on the freeway. It says we’re going, we’ve got this, let’s get it. It’s about conviction, rising up, and taking things into their own hands. That’s what this pair has had to do.

In their years devoted to mastering classical dance, their individual voices were not accepted as part of their art. Even when they learned to be bold enough to contribute their voices to the space, both knew it was an unavoidably white space and their voices would not be received in the same way as their white colleagues. Obedience was the watchword in the concert-dance world and it took time to ease out of that brain-space once the sisters transitioned from the classical dance space to the wide-open world of night life, where they met a lot of club-kids, queens, musicians, and promoters.

They met recording artist Spencer Ludwig, who invited them to host a recurring circuit party called Le Trumpet, at The Freehold in Williamsburg, BK. ‘The Dragon Sisters’ were born! In heels and wigs with faces beat to the gods, the sisters lip-sync and dance full-out in unison to banging medleys of popular black-made songs. A Dragon Sisters event is a mind-blowing, life-affirming thing to behold. But there was more they could do. They wanted to make their own music, push their productions and artistry to the next level. But could they?

The Dragon Sisters grew up believing that people like them weren’t allowed to be rappers. Coleman comes from Virginia, Perez from the Bronx, and though they both grew up with hip-hop as the backing track for their youths, certain things were made clear to them from the get-go: they were queer, fem, and as Kanye West once claimed, “The literal opposite of hip hop is gay.” Hip hop was the language they spoke, but Perez and Coleman knew their own people didn’t want to hear it from them. They both grew up feeling excluded from rap’s hyper-masculine space, with all the taboos surrounding gayness in black culture. But the industry has been changing since then, and The Dragon Sisters are ready to bust it all the way open. Issa and Odessa write to reclaim their identities, their time, and recondition their minds from an oppressive past, to access to the wells of creativity within.

Their second track “Security” is about feeling vulnerable and needing protection. As two tall, athletic men one might think they don’t need protection, but as queer black men dressed femininely, they are part of one of the most vulnerable demographics in America. This song is a love letter to outcasts and the people that help keep them safe in the present, but also looks ahead to a time when they won’t have to worry about their safety after a late night gig. They look ahead to their glow-up, when they’ll be big enough to hire their own security, and they can live as themselves without fear. Until then, however, they know they have to watch over their shoulders.

“Hollywood”, is about being iconic, picturing yourself in silhouette and instantly recognizable to the masses. It’s told from the perspective of people who have spent much of their lives hiding and are ready to be seen. In “Arigato” the sisters enter a full hip hop fantasy, seeing their songs hit the top of the charts and still staying humble, a good winter song to jump you out of your seasonal depression.

Speaking on their next song “Insight Out,” Odessa and Issa talk about the importance of keeping ones sense of self precious, safe from others who seek to do harm. “Think of your life as a concert hall. Everyone is invited in, but you decide where to put them. Some people are front-row orchestra, some people are up in the balcony. Not everyone is invited backstage, but everyone is welcome.” It’s a bittersweet song, presenting both the power in creating boundaries for yourself, and also the sadness in those you’ll lose because of it.

The EP closes strong with “Piece of Steel,” a song about the stillness of peace, and how in that stillness is the weight of all experiences lived through, good or bad. “It’s like, don’t make me start a riot here,” the sisters say about the song, “And then we start a riot.” There is an undercurrent of anger in the song, and why shouldn’t there be? This EP was written in pieces, separate and together, over 2020, living as black queer artists, hustling through the emotional, physical, and financial traumas of covid-19, the killing of unarmed black men by cops in America, all the while trying to imagine a beautiful future.

“The Fine Print” EP ends on an inhale, leaving the listener caught up, unbreathing, mind turning, and likely scrolling to the top of the track list to listen over again.

The thing about The Dragon Sisters is they know how to believe in each other, and in this world and this time and this industry, radical self-belief is everything. It took years of muscling through a world that celebrates so few to realize that to tell their story, it would be up to themselves to write it. They have become their own historians, archivists, making sure their legacy is eternal, passed down, and real. The Dragon Sisters are a lot of things: a striking image, an energy, a rhythm in your heart. They are genre-bending, gender-bending, perspective-bending artists. They are culture, they are pop, they are history in an instant. You can find them in a gay bar, in a cipher, in a music video, as featured guests in a socially-distanced Black Lives Matter protest at McCarren Park. They are all that and the infinite possibilities of everything they can become. You really don’t want to miss it!


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Current Campaigns

The Kit | Daniel Vosovic, 2020

Frock the World | Eli Schmidt, 2020

Sidewalk Killa | Alexi Kim, 2019

Previous Campaigns

Adidas x Missoni | Santiago & Mauricio, 2020

House o Bones | BONES, 2019

KHYRI | Jameel Mohammed, 2019


The Quick Flight Tour| Directed and produced by The Dragon Sisters, 2021

SHE’S A RIOT | Black Trans Lives Matter Virtual Fundraiser Deryck Todd Live Stream, 2020

The Lost Halloween | NYC Immersive Theater Live Stream, 2020

Harvest Moon Festival CHOSEOK | KQTx Presents Live Stream, 2020

Bushwig BLM Protest | Mccarren Park New York, NY, 2020

Bubble Ball | That Brunette & Lexxe Mermaids UK Live Stream, 2020

Interdependence Day | The Wide Awakes Washington Square Park New York, NY, 2020

Butt Con | Hello Tushy New York, NY, 2019

Love Ball 3 | Suzanne Bartsch New York, NY, 2019

Bushwig | New York, NY, 2019

Then Their Heads Fell Off | That Brunette & Lexxe Gold Sounds Bar Brooklyn, NY, 2019

VICELAND Pride | Vice Metropolitan Brooklyn, NY, 2019

React/Reaction Screening | Spark Film Festival Brooklyn Ballet Brooklyn, NY, 2018

Incriminate the Intimate | Otion Front Studio Brooklyn, NY, 2018

International Rescue Committee Benefit | Power of People Combined Le Poisson Rouge New York, NY, 2018

World Pride with The Dragon Sisters | The Freehold Brooklyn, NY, 2018

‘Second Act’ | Mana Contemporary Jersey City, NJ & Miami, FL, 2018

Gibney Dance Company-Curated | Gibney Dance New York, NY, 2018

OUT DANCE | Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance Bronx, NY, 2018

3:5 Immersive Art Exhibit | Okay Space Gallery New York, NY, 2017

ColemanCollective Fashion Show | Rainbow Fashion Week New York, NY, 2017

‘Someday’ Premiere | WOVEN (We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now) New York, NY, 2017

‘For Us’ | Groundswell Fund New York, NY, 2017

A BENEFIT DANCE CONCERT | MOVE (NYC) Gibney Dance New York, NY, 2017

Afro Dance Xplosion | Arts Council England London, UK, 2017


Opps | West Dakota and Chiquitita The Rosemont Brooklyn, NY, 2020

Situations | The Dragon Sisters The Gradient Brooklyn, NY, 2020

Holy Mountain | Lady Fag Avant Gardner Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Le Trumpet | Spencer Ludwig The Freehold Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Bitch Nasty | DJ Ickarus The Rosemont Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Rumpus Room | Kynect Faur Rumpus Room New York, NY, 2018


• Braden Clark | Art Director

• Maximo Xtravaganza | Videographer

• Angelo Vasta | Videographer

• Shoy-li | Music Producer

• Javery James | Music Producer

• Nick Atkinson | Curator

• Spencer Ludwig | Curator

• That Brunette | Curator

• Lexxe | Curator

• M.A.D. Smooth Music | Music Engineer

• Alexander Propios | Fashion Designer

• Darrell Thorne | Costume Designer

• Camila Falquez | Photographer

• Andrew Boyle | Photographer

• Lauren Silberman | Photographer


Additional Info

  • Singer Type: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bars, Birthday Parties, Charity, Christmas, Clubs, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Holiday, Masquerade Party, New Year’s Eve Party, Proms, Street fairs / Festivals, Sweet 16, Resturants, Valentine’s Day Party, Weddings, Wedding Shower, Advertising, Award Banquets, Commercials, Film, Product Launches, Promotions, Store Promotions, Tradeshows, TV, Casinos, Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Bridal, Daycare Centers, Goth Weddings, Luaus, Music Videos, Photography / Photoshoots, Fashion Shows, Musical Consulting
  • Language(s): English, Spanish

  • Country: United States
  • City / Region: Brooklyn, New York
  • State: NY
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Email: Contact The Dragon Sisters
  • Fully Insured: Yes
  • Instagram: @thedragonsisters


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