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Alexander Rizaev

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1970 - 1976 School of Gymnastics in Balakovo UdSSR
1976 - 1980 Circus School for Children (romantic) in Balakovo UdSSR
1980 - 1982 Professional State Circus College in Kiev UdSSR
- ground and handstand acrobatics - choreography and juggling
1982 - 1984 specialization on handstand equilibristic

1987 - 1989 State circus “Soiuzgoszirk”
- the circus travelled all around the UdSSR
1988 Part of the show “Promtej” for the festival “Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen” in Berlin
1989 - 1991 Solo in the Music Hall in St. Petersburg
- inclusive 3 months touring in Sidney (Australia)

12/1991 - 03/1992 Circus “Education” in France
03/1992 - 11/1992 Circus “Korti Alhof” in Germany
12/1992 - 01/1993 Europe Circus Festival in Liege (Belgium)
- There, I have been awarded with the Artistic Price
03/1993 - 11/1994 Circus “Flic Flac” in Germany
12/1994 - 01/1995 Circus “Ange Kristo” in Madrid (Spain)
03/1995 - 11/1995 Circus Mr. Gandy “Surreal” in England
12/1995 - 01/1996 Winter Circus “Buglion” in Brussels (Belgium)
03/1996 - 10/1996 Circus “Althof Jacobi” in Austria
12/1996 - 01/1997 Circus Festival “Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen” in Berlin
02/1997 - 11/1997 Circus “Knie” in Switzerland
03/1998 - 02/2004 Circus Flic Flac in Germany
- during that time I worked on 2 variations of solos Handstand acrobatics and two other nambers (one with my partner, and one bungee number with four other peopl )

2004 - Present worked in varies locations such as the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liners (USA), Royale Palais (France), Casino Eshpino (Portugal),
gymnastic art show in Hannover, Frankfurt and Stuttgart (Germany),
International Circus Festival in Albacete I won 2nd place February 2012 (Spain), several TV shows (Italy and Germany), company touring with
“Corpus Acrobatics” (Belgium, France, Netherlands and Mexico), different Gala for firms such as BMW;Mercedes; VW; Reno, different tournament performances for tennis, gymnastics and golf .

I would be pleased if my experience would be helpful to you and I would be very happy about a cooperation with you!

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Rizaev

Additional Info

  • Performer Skills: Balancing Act, Hand 2 Hand Balancing
  • Act Type: Single Act
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Birthday Parties, Charity, Christmas, Clubs, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Hoiliday, Kids Parties, New Year’s Eve Party, Private Parties/Events, Street fairs / Festivals, Resturants
  • Language(s): German, Lithuanian

  • Country: Germany, Lithuania
  • City / Region: Bielefeld, Ukrinai
  • State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes


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