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Alex Emelin

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Elongated and twisted human beings, giants and dwarfs, wild beasts that obey man’s gestures as if they were meek pets, acrobats literally flying through the air, a whole wonderland swirling at extreme velocity. The circus dimension thrives in a bubble of inflated illusion, be it an outrageous exaggeration of life itself or the embodying of each and every imaginable form of existence. Just draw yourself the most unbelievable, inconceivable, virtually impossible fantasy and be sure that the men from the caravans of laughs, roars and infinite colors have already dreamt of it, some have died trying it, and a very few have brought it to life.
But this touch of miracle is grounded by comedy, where clowns mocking everything are bringing the wonderland down to earth and turning it into a burlesque scene, easier to swallow and to digest by us mortals who are aware of our limited capacities. We know we can’t really fly, can’t really disappear, and can’t really turn ourselves into something else. But instead of obscuring the magic, by submerging it into trivial nonsense, they are only brightening the infinite sea of possibilities that lie at the footsteps of each one of us.

That’s the job of Alex Emelin, performing himself, the paradox of an extraordinary ability in the hands of the clown that laughs at his unearthly capacities. His parody is subtle and elegant, his acrobatic moves are impeccable, and his stature imposing itself above all the rest, but all of these could pass unobserved if it weren’t for his frenetic delight to wallow in the mud of shabbiness.
And it could be just another clownery performance if it weren’t for his sincerity.



Alex doesn’t wear his emblems, no mask, no make-up, no red nose and no baggy clothes; instead he togs himself up, cocks his chin, boosts his chest and enthralls his audience with a prestidigitator’s gestures. Is he a beguiling clown taking advantage of his sophisticated appearance or is he a magician bluffing and thus mocking us all? We can but swarm in this veil of illusion that he creates, for his honesty is irresistible. It is like he takes his heart out and throws it in the middle of the stage while still beating. At such a raw approach, what else can you do but believe.

Alex Emelin the clown, the magician, the acrobat, the animal trainer is the same Alex Emelin behind the velvet curtains. This is the card up his sleeve and he plays it so well, that you’ll never know if he’s bluffing. He’s waving his great ace in your face, yet you still have the feeling he’s also hiding his spades under his cloak. That’s inborn charisma you’re witnessing.

All this flush might seem arrogant, as one need not flaunt the gifts that have been bestowed upon him, unless he wouldn’t balance it all by making such a fool of himself. And such his performance shifts towards a more humble attitude. If you’ve been to one of his shows you know what I’m talking about, and if you’ve been one of the lucky fellows to be invited on the stage, then you’ve already experienced how natural you can feel in his presence, (even though at that instant the spotlight along with thousands of eyes are on you.) But even if you just take a look at his acts, you notice the ease and spontaneity with which he interacts with the public; this is a vibrant energy that is at once contagious making the spectator participate as if he’s always been one of the circus members.


Additional Info

  • Performer Skills: Clowns, Magicians, Actor, Comedian - Kids
  • Act Type: Single Act
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Birthday Parties, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Parties, Grand Openings, Graduation, Kids Parties, Advertising, Commercials, Film, Tradeshows, TV, Casinos, Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Fashion Shows, Bridal, Holiday Event
  • Language(s): English

  • Country: United States
  • City / Region: Clermont
  • State: FL
  • Zip Code: 34714
  • Will Travel?: Yes
  • Fully Insured: Yes

  • Email: Contact Alexey Emelin


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