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Allie Cooper

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Innovative circus and dance creations Specializing in suspended dynamics and honest illusions

Allie Cooper began learning the fundamentals of aerial work in Santa Cruz, California in 2008. Her honest style has developed to utilize momentum and natural pathways and to embrace functionality.  She has worked closely with Kevin O’Connor and she has supplemented her training with a study of the movement theory Axis Syllabus.  Allie has traveled extensively in Europe and has had the privilege to share and learn from the artists who inspire her most.  Allie has performed and taught across the United States, Europe, Central America, and Asia. Most recently she performed at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Moisture Festival in Seattle, and Lucidity in Santa Barbara.  She also taught workshops for the Dia Mundial del Circo 2012 in Mexico City. Allie continues to be inspired by the constant innovations in circus worldwide and is grateful to be a part of it. 


Nationality: US Citizen
Birth date: 26 Nov 1983
Height: 5ft 5in (165cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57kg)
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Bust: 34” Waist: 25” Hips: 36”


  • Envision Festival, performing with Quixotic Fusion. Uvita, Costa Rica. 3 Mar 2013. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Envision Festival, performing with LoWGritt. Uvita, Costa Rica. 27 Feb 2013. Aerial silk solo. 
  • Private Event, Wedding Reception at Visalia Convention Center. Visalia, California. 28 Dec 2012. Aerial silks solo. 
  • Presenter at TEDx Santa Cruz, in collaboration with LoWGritt and Sight. Crocker Theatre, Cabrillo College. Aptos, California. 15 Sep 2012. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Burning Man Pre-Compression performance with LoWGritt and Sight, The Pollination Factory, San Francisco, California. 30 Jul 2012. Aerial rope solo. 
  • DÍa Mundial del Circo Festival and Gala hosted by eSpacio Abierto, Mexico City, Mexico. 17-21 Apr 2012. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Lucidity Festival.. Santa Barbara, California. 16 Apr 2012. Aerial Cube trio act with Sydney Ember and Julia Schimmel
  • Moisture Festival Comedy/Varietè.. Seattle, Washington. 6-8 Apr 2012. Aerial Cube act with Sydney Ember and Julia Schimmel 
  • Envision Festival. Uvita, Costa Rica. 1-4 Mar 2012. Aerial rope duo with Emily Knoblauch & aerial rope solo. 
  • Hopmonk Tavern with Vibrant EYEris, Sebastopol, California. 8 Sep 2011. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Burning Man Center Camp performance. Black Rock City, Nevada. 2 Sep 2011.
  • Aerial rope duo with Pat Tao.
  • SupperClub with Vibrant EYEris, San Francisco, California. 20 Jul 2011. Aerial rope duo with Julia Schimmel. 
  • Rights of Massive, presented by Opulent Temple at Treasure Island. San Franciso, California. 25 Jun 2011. Aerial rope duo with Sarah Martin. 
  • Bass Camp Presents Noisia, Freq Nasty, and Knight Riderz. 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, California. 10 Jun 2011. Aerial rope duo with Sarah Martin. 
  • Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. Denver, Colorado. 13-14 May 2011. Aerial rope solo. 
  • IGNITE, with Kraddy, presented by Bass Camp, Symbiosis, Opulent Temple in association with An-Ten-Nae. 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, California. 29 Apr 2011. Aerial rope duo with Sarah Martin. 
  • Habitat, presented by the UC Davis Edge Festival, choreographed by MFA Candidate Kevin O’Connor. Davis, California. 14-21 Apr 2011. 
  • Left of the North Pole presented by Circus Cruz. Santa Cruz, California. 9-11 Dec 2010. Aerial rope solo, Chinese Pole solo, Ensemble, and Aerial cube duo with Sydney Ember. -Circus Ring of Friendship International Youth Festival. Norrköpings, Sweden. 29-30 Oct 2010. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Stage Overte, at CIRCA Festival. Auch, France. 26 Oct 2010. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Nordisk Sirkus Festival. Trondheim, Norway. 9-10 Oct 2010. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Carny Ville presented by the Invisible Circus. Bristol, UK. 07 Oct 2010. Aerial rope solo. 
  • SCruz’d: Burning Man Decompression After Party. Santa Cruz, California. 02 Oct 2010. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Private Event for Elite Cartel Electronics produced by Epic Entertainment. Santa Cruz, California. 02 Oct 2010 and Sep 2009. Aerial silks duet with Anjuli Verma, and ambient hammock. 
  • Burning Man, Center Camp performance. Black Rock City, Nevada. 3 Sep 2010. Aerial rope solo. 
  • Playing with Dark Matter: Experiments with 8 bodies and 8 ropes. Santa Cruz, California. 26 Jun 2010. 
  • Equus Anam Cara Fundraiser Benefit. Soquel, California. 29 May 2010. Vertical rope solo. 
  • Animus: The Inquiry Continues. The 418 Project. Santa Cruz, California. 30 Apr – 1 May 2010. Ensemble dance. 
  • Cirque de Family House. A private event in San Francisco, California. 24 Apr - 2010. - Moisture Festival Comedy/Varietè. Seattle, Washington. 31 Mar 2010. Aerial rope solo.
  • Runnin’ Wild produced by Epic Entertainment. Santa Cruz, California. 27 Mar 2010. Aerial rope ensemble/partnering with Lunacy Productions. 
  • Henry J. Mello Center for the Performing Arts Showcase. Watsonville, California. 19 Mar 2010. Aerial rope duo with Sarah Martin. 
  • Club Med Artist, Phuket, Thailand. 15 Jan-3 Feb 2010. Aerial silks duo and duo lyra. -Cirque de Happiness produced by Project Happiness in collaboration with Lunacy Productions. Palo Alto, California. Nov 14 2009. Aerial rope and ensemble dance. 
  • Les Étrangers presented by Lunacy Productions. Santa Cruz, California. Oct 2009. Aerial rope and ensemble dance. 
  • Animus. Choreographed by Ana Flecha. Santa Cruz, California. Sep/Nov 2009. Ensemble dance. 
  • Pre-Quinox: A springtime interruption of the mundane. Santa Cruz, California. Mar 13- 15 2009. Aerial rope solo/duo with Jukka Juntti, ensemble dance. 
  • Cirque du Tommé. A private event in Santa Cruz, California. Jan 25 2009. Aerial silk solo, ensemble dance. 
  • Holiday Spice: Naughty & Nice. Santa Cruz, California. Dec 5-21 2008. 
  • Aerial silk solo, ensemble dance. 
  • -Alchemy: An Exploration at the Limits of Dining presented by MAPS, MPP, and Dogstar Catering. San Francisco. Dec 13 2008. Character work and ensemble dance. 
  • Gravity Arts Choreography Class Showcase. Santa Cruz, California. Nov 20 2008. 
  • Lucid Dreams. Santa Cruz, California. Oct 4 2008. Ensemble dance. 
  • Aeriality: Our Reality. Santa Cruz, California. Aug 1 2008. Aerial silk duet with Valerie Mojeiko. 
  • Gravity Arts Showcase. Santa Cruz, California. Apr 30 2008. Aerial silk solo. 
  • Dance Spectrum Annual Showcase. Los Altos, California. 2000-2002. Ensemble dance.


  • Rope workshop at SkyGym. Atlanta, Geogia. 21-24 Feb 2013. 
  • Rope workshops at Kinetic Hive. Atlanta, Georgia. 20-22 Feb 2013. 
  • Rope/Fabric workshop with Asheville Aerial Arts. Asheville, North Carolina. 17 Feb 2013. 
  • Rope/Fabric/Chinese Pole senior instructor at the Aerial Playground. Santa Cruz, California. Sep 2010 – Current. 
  • Aerial Instructor for Fabric series at Ultimate Pole. Gilroy, California. Sep 2011 - Current. 
  • Rope intensive at La Petite Chouette, Santa Barbara, California 25-28 Jul 2011 and 10- 12 Jul 2012. 
  • Private aerial rope workshop. Santa Cruz, California. 17 & 29 Jun 2012. 
  • Workshop leader for workshops at DÍa Mundial del Circo Festival hosted by eSpacio Abierto, Mexico City, Mexico. 17-20 Apr 2012. 
  • Guest Aerial Coach at Circus Juventas. St. Paul, Minnesota. 5-16 Dec 2011. 
  • Rope and fabric workshops at Kinetic Hive. Atlanta, Georgia. 15 Oct – 24 Oct 2011. -Rope intensive at Mendocino Center for Circus Arts (MECCA). Fort Bragg and Ukiah, California. 31 Sep – 2 Oct 2011. 
  • Aerial instructor at Poletential. Redwood City, California. Nov 2010 – Oct 2011.
  • Aerial instructor at the San Francisco Circus Center. Dec 2010. 
  • Co-teacher with Kevin O’Connor at Frequent Flyers’ Aerial Dance Festival, Boulder Colorado. Corde Lisse and Axis Syllabus. 9-13 Aug 2010. 
  • Corde Lisse workshop. Albany Centre, Bristol, U.K. 24 Jul – 2 Aug 3 2010. 
  • Corde Lisse Luft Akrobatik workshop. Die Etagé. Berlin, Germany. 12-16 Jul 2010. -Fabric and Rope workshop at Pearl Adult Dance and Fitness. Ogden, Utah. Jun 2010. -Aerial instructor with The Gravity Arts. Santa Cruz, California. Feb 2009 – May 2010. -Aerial Assistant at Nomadic College, Czech Republic. Jul 2009. 
  • Corde Lisse/Fabric workshop in Bolzano, Italy. Jun-Jul 2009. 
  • Moving Expressions Camp. Soquel, California. Summer 2008-2010.


  • Stage Manager for Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, presented by MAPS in San Jose, California. 15-18 Apr 2010. 
  • Stage Manager for Kevin O’Connor’s creation The Sunlight Zone. Feb 2009 – May 2009. Santa Cruz, California -- Toronto -- London, Ontario.


  • Aerial Fabric with Emily Knoblauch. Santa Cruz, California. 9 Mar 2011 – Current.
  • Axis Syllabus intensive with Kelly Keenan. Kunst-Stoff Dance, San Francisco. 14-18 Mar 2011. 
  • Corde Lisse Workshop with Fanny Soriano. San Francisco, California. 27 Aug 2010. 
  • Private workshop with Tanya Scully and skill share with Gareth Bailey, Jonathan Priest, and Jo Palmer. Bristol, U.K. Jul 2010. 
  • Kevin O’Connor. Corde Lisse and Axis Syllabus May 2008 – Current 
  • Axis Syllabus workshops and classes with Ana Flecha. Feb 2009 – Current. 
  • Axis Syllabus workshop with Kira Maria Kirsch. Santa Cruz, California. Jan 2009 & Jun 2010. 
  • Mir & a Co. Aerial/Axis Syllabus intensives with Miranda Janeschild. Santa Cruz, California. Jun & Nov 2008, Mar 2010. 
  • Uday Deshpande. Pole and Rope Mallakhamb training in Bhavnagar, India. Dec 2009. -Certificates of Completion: “Pole Dancing Workshop” and “Master Class Workshop” at Poletential with Jenyne Butterfly, Miss USPDF 2009. Redwood City, California. Sept 12 2009. 
  • Nomadic College. Axis Syllabus with Nicola Bolzao and Corde Lisse with Kevin O’Connor. Czech Republic. Jul 2009. 
  • Axis Syllabus Intensive with Frey Faust. Berlin, Germany. Jul 2009 
  • Aerial workshops with Terry Crane and Jukka Juntti, Santa Cruz/San Francisco, California. Feb-Mar 2009. 
  • TT Robson and The Gravity Arts. Santa Cruz, California. Dec 2007 – Nov 2008. 
  • Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Festival – Fred Deb and Jacques Bertrand. Boulder, Colorado. Summer 2008. 
  • Dance Spectrum. Mountain View, California. 2000-2002.

Additional Info

  • Performer Skills: Aerial Ropes / Corde Lisse
  • Act Type: Single Act
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Birthday Parties, Charity, Christmas, Clubs, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Hoiliday, Kids Parties, Masquerade Party, New Year’s Eve Party, Private Parties/Events, Street fairs / Festivals, Advertising, Award Banquets, Commercials, Film, Product Launches, Promotions, Store Promotions, Tradeshows, TV, Video, Casinos
  • Language(s): English

  • Country: USA
  • City / Region: La Selva Beach
  • State: CA
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Phone: 650-269-3029
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