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Andreas Omasics

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Let me bring you into a world of mystery and imagination. A world in which acting, dancing and illusion merge into a unique experience. Amazing illusions, mad magic, enchanting stories and dynamic dance scenes create unforgettable moments.

3 characters, 5 programmes - unexpectable possibilities

SWANN - Magic and Illusion
This program is bringing together three different elements of performing: the arts of magic, dance and pantomime combined by carefully selected music that does not need any words. It is an aura of mystery caused by SWANN’s costume and his stiff, white mask as well as the shadow-playing lights reduced to only white, red and blue – an atmosphere making various moods possible such as romantic, sinister and cheerful.
Contact with the audience is kept up by expressive body language embedded in a well choreographed dancing performance.

SWANN – Salon
Salon- magic is a family program of pure magic performance. Elegantly wearing tails and a black-and-white Venetian mask SWANN will catch his audience. Well-chosen Songs from old musicals as “My Fairly Lady” or “Hello Dolly” and instrumental music are creating an elegant, nostalgic atmosphere.
The magic here similar to that of “SWANN –Magic and Illusion” is suitable particularly in case of limited room.

WILBOUR – So very Crazy
WILBOUR is an elegant but cheeky wild fellow – SWANN’s real counterpart. Like him he is dressed elegantly, even wearing a topper but also unsuitable sunglasses. With the help of funny and crazy music and colored light WILBOUR is creating a jumble world: heartily welcoming the audience he may offer a glass of milk to someone out of nowhere. You never know what he will be doing next: maybe he is forcing a guest to turn color of a feather boa or he is making someone lift a card out of a pack just by virtue of thoughts. It is an atmosphere of laughing and elegance that all of them will like, kids as well as adults.
This program also is non-verbal. Contact with the audience is kept up by expressive body language more than in the SWANN module.

SWANN (or WILBOUR) – So Close
This is a “close up”-program – a performance right before the eyes of the audience.
There is no stage, no additional light or sound needed. According to your option of characters either SWANN or WILBOUR will be moving from one spectator to the next presenting his magic tricks.

SWANN – Magic
-just a wonderful charming magic-

References (extracts)

SWANN – Magic and Illusion
Eurostrand, Leiwen (hotel)
Karstadt GmbH (store)
Phoenix Cruises GmbH (cruise line)
MS Artania, MS Albatros, MS Alexander of Humboldt (cruise ships) Breakfast TV, SAT 1 (TV)
Alles was zählt, RTL (TV - soap)
mieten, kaufen, wohnen, VOX (TV - reality soap) Traumzeittheater, Backnang (Variety)
Senftöpfchen Theater, Köln (Variety)
State parliament NRW, Düsseldorf
Mars GmbH
CSD (Christopher Street Day), Cologne

SWANN – Salon / SWANN – so close Karstadt GmbH (store)
RWE (Powercraft)
A-Rosa River Cruises (Rhine and Danube) ADAC
historic Townhall, Wuppertal
Cologne Ball, Maritim Hotel

2nd Place at international Showprice 2007, Magic 3rd Place at [email protected] 2008
3rd Place at 11th Prix Juventa Magicak
Award at „BämS“ in the GOP Variety Essen

Additional Info

  • Performer Skills: Magicians, Illusionist
  • Act Type: Single Act, Duo Act
  • Available For: Anniversary(celebration of Marriage years), Birthday Parties, Charity, Christmas, Clubs, Concerts, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Costume Party, Cruise Ships, Dances Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Hoiliday, New Year’s Eve Party, Private Parties/Events, Street fairs / Festivals, Resturants, Advertising, Award Banquets, Commercials, Store Promotions, Tradeshows, TV, Video, Casinos
  • Language(s): German

  • Country: Germany
  • City / Region: Berlin
  • State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Phone: 49 221 20427282


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