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Alicia grew up doing gymnastics, ballet and dance since the young age of 3, and competed all over New England. She discovered the art of pole dancing in 2004, and since then has dedicated herself to training herself and growing as a pole artist. Using her past gymnastics and dance abilities, Alicia embraced the more artistic side of pole, yet still loves and incorporated the sexy, slinky side of it. She loves to learn and has had the opportunity this year to take a few workshops with some of the great pole dancers of the world, and would like to keep doing so!
The past 2 years, Alicia started to share her abilities as a dancer with women in her area by teaching a small group of beginners interested in pole fitness in her area. Doing so helped her develop a clear, comprehensive, and progressive syllabus that builds one move on top of another in order to build strength. To help her students build grace and fluidity she also incorporates dance transitions and sultry floor and wall work to her routines and choreography also.
Alicia's goals for the upcoming years are to continue to spread the joy of pole dancing to women all over New England by teaching workshops and at the few studios in the area. She would also love to compete in national competitions or dance in showcases because she loves the elation of being on stage expressing herself through dance! Eventually in the years to come, she would like to open her own studio for pole and aerial.
Alicia also continues her own dance study by continuing to take classes in classical ballet, aerial (trapeze, silks, lyra), and aerial yoga/ yoga.
All of Alicia's classes and workshops are based on her belief of proper technique! This means no jumping or kicking into inverts and/or other moves, but using core strength to ease into moves with control. Doing so prevents injury and produces a safe and productive learning environment. Advance tricks start out as baby steps toward them. Pole builds on itself and Alicia's syllabus reflects this to include moves that build upon each other, and strength building and flexibility training also. Safety and injury prevention, along with a pace that allows students to properly learn movements is what leads to confident, strong, and eager to learn pole students!

Alicia has performed/competed in:

~Polesque 2010 in Brookline, NY
~American Pole Fitness Association Pole in the Park 2010 in Union Square NYC
~JMK Entertainment Valentines Day show 2011, Pink Pastie Burlesque 2011, and Halloween Murder Mystery 2011.
~New England Pole Dance Showcase 2011, Boston, MA.
~Super Shag Pole Fitness Invitational 2012
~Atlantic Pole Championships 2013
~Super Shag Pole Fitness Championship 2013 (4th Place)

If you are a New England studio or student that is interested in booking Alicia for classes or workshops please send a private message with your name, telephone number, email, location and studio affiliation (if any).

Alicia currently teaches pole, aerial and dance weekly at http://skyhighstudios.net/about/

Founder of En L'Air: Contemporary Aerial Ballet performance company

Additional Info

  • Performer Skills: Aerial Hoops (Lyra), Aerial Silk, Aerial Trapeze
  • Act Type: Single Act, Duo Act
  • Available For: Charity, Corporate Affairs/ Events, Cruise Ships, Fundraisers, Kids Parties, New Year’s Eve Party, Street fairs / Festivals, Commercials, Film, Tradeshows, TV, Video, Casting / Auditions
  • Language(s): English

  • Country: USA
  • City / Region: North Miami Beach, Miami
  • State: FL
  • Zip Code:
  • Will Travel?: Yes

  • Phone: 954-540-1344
  • Instagram: rainbowcircusmiami
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