Logan Stearns is an aspiring actor, voice actor, and writer from a small town in the middle of nowhere. He says "middle of nowhere," because Courage the Cowardly dog was his neighbor.

“James was responsive, professional and ensured everyone was included. [We] were truly blown away by the performance. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

— Google

“Entertaining and engaging - you’re not just watching James do terrific magic, but you get to participate, too! [We] were captivated by his magic. It was a unique experience for the team. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time with us.

— Facebook

James Alan proves that magic really is for grownups. He is a professional magician and sleight of hand artist based in Toronto. The experience of magic is ideal for creating memories which last a lifetime. James has performed across Ontario for small intimate audiences and on large stages creating performances which are “thought provoking, funny, astonishing and thoroughly entertaining.”

His one man shows, Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks and The Uncertainty Project have been featured at the Summerworks Performance Festival (Toronto), The Hamilton Fringe Festival and The Wychwood Theatre. For over two years, he hosted Magic Tonight, which brought together local magic and mystery artists in Downtown Toronto. Currently he is featured in Magic and Martini

“Fantastic... It turns out magic really is for grownups!

— Globe Review


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Nova is lovely, bendy, and full of spunky playfulness. When not defying the laws of gravity, Nova is a talented singer, learned intellectual, caring humanitarian and a surprisingly strong little firecracker. Nova is a veteran cruise ship acrobat but also has advanced skills in theater, dance, physical therapy, and speaks three languages. She was born in the Netherlands, lived 12 years in Brazil and has been in more countries than most people have been in cities. Nova started her professional career touring Paraguay with a community circus program for underprivileged Brazilians, and has been working larger and larger events ever since.

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Juggler, Equilibrist, Acrobat. Rocco went full-time touring his own show in his first year as an acrobat. Upon finishing a tour of duty in Iraq, he dreamed of being a performer. After years of training, polishing his craft on contracts in 12 different countries, a dozen cruise ships, and most US States. He is familiar with many ground and aerial circus apparatus but his most popular acts are handbalance, hand to hand acrobatics, tall unicycle, acrobatic pole, and fire.


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Film scorer Composer Musician Producer Music teacher

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The Legendary Kevin Aviance can make you Dance all night long 

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Professional stilt-walker, makeup artist, props, anamatronics, haunt design, scare actor.

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Full time magician, close up magic and stand up magic. Kids, adults, corporate.

Bryan is a full time magician entertaining audiences of all ages. His specialty is strolling close-up, sleight of hand at restaurants, private parties and other events. However, he is also accomplished at performing stand up magic shows for kids, adults and corporate functions. For 23 years he has performed at fairs and festivals throughout CT, NY and MA. He is the official magician for "Thomas the Tank Engine: in Essex, CT, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers Hockey games and also the Bridgeport Bluefish Baseball games.


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Who are we? Anna & Jakub are a professional duet of Aerial Acrobats with extensive, international experience. Among other projects they have been parts of such productions as ‘Le Reve - The Dream’ in Las Vegas and ‘La Perle’ in Dubai, both created by Franco Dragone. They have many skills in their repertoire and experience playing different stage characters. What’s unique about us? These days many circus artists create performances which could be summarized as a few sequences of tricks on choosen aparatus with some music being played in the background.

This type of performance impress the audience only by the physical aspect of these artists agility and strength but this is definitely not enough to move an audience and give them an unforgettable, one of the kind experience. Our performance is different. We focus on showing our audience a story, emotions and dynamics between us.

We USE our music to express ourselves and we use our props as a part and a mean of that expression, rather than just a dead shape we are hanging from. Our performance is a true spectacle. Our originality We have designed each element of our Aerial Pole act completely on our own.

Everything including our moves in air, choreography and the pole itself were carefully developed and designed by us. There is nothing out there which is similar to our performance and we do our best to keep our craft from being copied. A truly unseen and one of a kind show.


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Versatile R&B & Soul Vocalist with 25 years experience.

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