Full time magician, close up magic and stand up magic. Kids, adults, corporate.

Bryan is a full time magician entertaining audiences of all ages. His specialty is strolling close-up, sleight of hand at restaurants, private parties and other events. However, he is also accomplished at performing stand up magic shows for kids, adults and corporate functions. For 23 years he has performed at fairs and festivals throughout CT, NY and MA. He is the official magician for "Thomas the Tank Engine: in Essex, CT, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers Hockey games and also the Bridgeport Bluefish Baseball games.


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Ace's breathtaking brand of magic will entertain your guests and have them talking about your party.

Sleight of hand artist/Entertainer Magician with a customize magic show. Trying to Making the world smile.

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I am an opera singer, acrobat, and pole dancer, sometimes all at once. Best known as a singing aerialist on the NYC burlesque and nightlife scene. Also equally at home on the concert and opera stage, I have performed as a soprano soloist in many of NYC’s most renowned concert halls, including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. 

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A well established magician, mentalist and illusionist here in the UAE.  An official brand ambassador for CAT UAE. Has appeared in many TV and radio shows where I amaze audiences with my magic performances. Has been a TV presenter of a weekly Arabic Show ‘WWE Wal3ooha”  that  aired on both MBC Action and OSN Sports Action 1 HD Channels. Recently collaborated with the World Vape Show, showcasing his amazing magic and entertaining guests at the World Trade Center. 

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MAISON the FAUX are open to people from all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds, dancers from any style or training, actors, musicians, acrobats, you name it! Very experienced, just beginning, or self-taught… anyone is welcome to apply! As long as you feel attracted to the MAISON the FAUX world and approach, we are looking for you.

Where: Groningen, Germany

When: May 16th until June 24th in Groningen

Deadline for applications: 8th of October

MAISON the FAUX is looking for you! We are looking for performers to join us in various upcoming projects, one of which is a large performance we will create in Groningen for NITE in the period from the 16th of May until the 24th of June.

Who are we?
In short, MAISON the FAUX is a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house. Our work consists of theatrical, immersive performances in which performance, fashion, decor, spatial design and various artistic disciplines are fused into a single comprehensive experience.

Our work
A multidisciplinary approach is essential to our work. In the experiential worlds of fashion that we create, we seek synergy between different disciplines. We are always seeking the ‘multilayerdness’ and ‘immersiveness’ made possible by combining and blending disciplines. So collaborating with makers who – like us – seek to break out of their pigeonhole is important to us! We’re looking for performers who are open to exchanging and exploring boundaries.

Casting call
We are open to people from all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds, dancers from any style or training, actors, musicians, acrobats, you name it! Very experienced, just beginning, or self-taught… anyone is welcome to apply! As long as you feel attracted to the MAISON the FAUX world and approach, we are looking for you.

On October 23rd, we will be casting in Groningen. Auditon by invitation only.

To apply please send us a motivational letter, your CV with a photo, and if possible, a portfolio and/or showreel to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Application deadline is set on October 8th.

We will get in touch on or by the 15th of October to let you know if you’re invited to the casting day in Groningen.

For more information feel free to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Conform Collective Labour agreement for Theatre and Dance.

To apply, read more here https://nite.nl/auditions-maison/

For further information, please visit www.maisonthefaux.com

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Become part of the 26th edition of Vue sur la Relève’s high-quality multidisciplinary programming by submitting an application before October 31 2021.

Where: Montreal, Canada

When: from May 3 to May 21 2022

Deadline for applications: October 31 2021

[Vue sur la Relève is now seeking the artists who will form the program of its 26th edition.]

After a year in which opportunities to present the results of creative processes proved rare, Vue sur la Relève stayed on course and managed to showcase 25 artists in a reinvented format—and it is now time for the next set of up-and-coming artists to engage by submitting your project before October 31, 2021, at 11:59 P.M. to become part of the 26th edition of Vue sur la Relève Festival.

Become part of the 26th edition of Vue sur la Relève’s high-quality multidisciplinary programming by submitting an application before October 31 2021. The Vue sur la Relève team is proud to announce that, in solidarity with emerging arts communities, which were and remain among those most stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic, registration for the 2022 edition of the festival is free.

Moreover, given that we constantly reflect on how we can contribute to a more inclusive and accessible arts ecosystem, we decided to raise the maximum age for participation in the festival to 40. We recognize that some artists, namely those from visible minorities and Indigenous communities, may face structural barriers that could delayed their integration into the performing arts industry. Revising this eligibility criteria is a tangible way for the Vue sur la Relève team to reiterate its commitment to fight for a more inclusive and equitable arts ecosystem.

[By submitting your application to Vue sur la Relève, you will have the chance to be part of our program and thus:]

→ have the opportunity to present your work in a paid, professional context especially designed for up-and-coming artists that is not a competition;

→ have the opportunity to be discovered by people that might have an impact on your career development and by an audience that might follow you for the rest of that career;

→ become part of a large, supportive family that listens to the needs of its artists;

→ potentially have access to a creative residence as part of the Chantiers de creation VSRL;

→ be eligible to receive “Coup de Pouce” professional help (in the form of a grant, a performance (gig), mentorship, production, etc.) offered by more than 40 partners from the performing arts industry;

→ network and exchange with artists from various disciplines within the performing arts who represent new trends in the field;

→ profit from the guidance of industry leaders during round tables and talks on the challenges for emerging artists.

[Eligibility criteria]

→ The submitted project must be an original work from any performing arts discipline (except stand-up comedy);

→ The main initiator or creator of the project, as well as the majority of the artists performing on stage, must be emerging artists and aged 40 and under;

→ The project must be intended for an adult audience;

→ The project must be finalized and ready to be presented in a professional context. No projects in a phase of testing or in the process of creation will be considered;

→ Only artists who have not yet commercialized or distributed an album (more than 6 songs or 30 minutes of content) will be considered for the categories of songs/music;

→ Artists must be available for the festival dates, from May 3 to May 21 2022;

→Music artists: The festival will present showcases of up to 35 minutes in length;

→Theatre, dance, circus and speech arts, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary arts: The festival will present, whenever possible, complete shows.

[Artists outside of Québec]

As of today, we are not able to confirm our capacity to welcome artists from abroad for our 2022 edition. Before submitting your application, please contact the festival team.

We strongly suggest that artists interested in submitting their application should immediately begin seeking funding to travel to Montreal for the festival.

[Evaluative criteria]

The selection of artists is made by the artistic direction in consultation with committees composed of professionals in the industry. Together, they will analyze each application based on the following criteria:

→ Artistic quality (40%) – The submitted project is well thought out and demonstrates a strong artistic process that fits well within the artist’s and/or collective’s career path;

→Potential for touring in Quebec (30%) – The project or show has strong touring potential and is adaptable to various locations, events, or venues. The show or project is completed and ready to be presented.

→Originality and process (20%) – The show or project is distinctive and contributes, through its originality, to the vitality and diversity of Quebec’s cultural landscape. The proposal iis innovative, either due to its will to advance artistic practices, the techniques it employs, the issues and themes it addresses, or any other element.

→First contact with the presenter’s industry (10%) – The project is not well established in the industry and therefore has not been or is not in the process of being widely presented to the public. The committee will evaluate the project on the number of times it has been or is planned to be presented. The project must not, for example, have been part of RIDEAU grant’s official selection and must not have toured across the province.

[How to apply]

To submit your application, you must fill our online application form before October 31 2021 at 23h59

→For music artists: provide a sample of 5 songs or 20 minutes of content that are representative of the content that will be presented during the performance. Ideally, please also provide a recording showcasing a sample of the performance.

→For artists from all other disciplines: provide a link to a video recording of the entirety of your proposed performance;

→Provide a synopsis (one page maximum) that explains your artistic process (motivations, inspirations, themes addressed, explored forms, etc.)

→Provide a technical sheet of your performance including all specifications related to the necessary technical equipment as well as it’s placement on stage.

→Optional: Provide a dossier of press reviews compiling reviews and articles regarding you or your project.

→Optional: Provide the resumes of the artists taking part in your project.

→For projects including on-stage instruments: provide a detailed list of your instruments (patch list) and a detailed plan of their layout on stage (as an indication for the festival’s Technical Director).

→For projects with a specific lighting design: provide an extensive lighting plan (as an indication for the festival’s Technical Director).

→For projects with a scenography or accessories: provide a detailed plan of the elements’ placement on stage and a summary (as an indication for the festival’s Technical Director).

How to apply: https://www.vuesurlareleve.com/call-for-artists-26th-edition/

Contact details: Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information, please visit https://www.vuesurlareleve.com/call-for-artists-26th-edition/

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I am a Singer/Pianist

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Pocketed, Positive, & Versatile drummer. I'm only 23, but I do play for a few churches, wedding bands, and entertainment companies. I have experience playing R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Motown, Rock, Country, Blues, Top 40, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Calypso, Afrobeats, Gospel, etc. I have my own drumset/equipment, and car for transportation. I can play with tracks or without. I'm looking to get closer to living my passion & playing music. It makes me happy to control the crowd/audience to dance. 

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American Idol is back now on ABC and their Idol-Across-America Season 5 virtual auditions are now open! Beginning Aug. 6th, 2021 “Idol Across America” remote auditions will began taking place across all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., for the first time since the show’s inception, making auditions easier than ever. Four seasons have been aired on ABC as of May 2021. Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will return, as well as Ryan Seacrest to return as hosts. They are looking for the next singing superstar and want to hear from YOU!

“Idol Across America” auditions will be held as follows (subject to change)

– Alabama Auditions (Aug. 16th)
– Alaska Auditions (Aug. 21st)
– Arizona Auditions (Aug. 31st)
– Arkansas Auditions (Aug. 16th)
– California Auditions (Aug. 21st)
– Colorado Auditions (Aug. 31st)
– Connecticut Auditions (Aug. 8th)
– Delaware Auditions (Sept. 8th)
– Florida Auditions (Aug. 13th)
– Georgia Auditions (Aug. 6th)
– Hawaii Auditions (Aug. 21st)
– Idaho Auditions (Aug. 23rd)
– Illinois Auditions (Aug. 25th)
– Indiana Auditions (Aug. 18th)
– Iowa Auditions (Aug. 25th)
– Kansas Auditions (Aug. 11th)
– Kentucky Auditions (Aug. 18th)
– Louisiana Auditions (Aug. 16th)
– Maine Auditions (Sept. 2nd)
– Maryland Auditions (Sept. 8th)
– And many, many more!

You must be between 15 – 28 years old to audition and may do so on any “Idol Across America” date regardless of your location. #IdolAcrossAmerica wants to see singers from all 50 states! Pick your state (that will also be your audition day) and then reserve your time slot for your Live Virtual Audition.

For more information and to reserve your audition spot visit https://abc.com/shows/american-idol/auditions

Good Luck!

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Emma Craig was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and moved to NYC in 2011. She spent four years touring with the plus-size pop group The Glamazons and has since gone on to do solo cabaret shows, studio work, live backing vocals, wedding bands and live band karaoke hosting. Emma most recently held residencies at 1803 in Tribeca and Omar’s LaBoite in Chinatown. Currently, Emma performs a Dolly Parton Tribute and is the resident Chanteuse for The Love Show NYC . You can see her live, every Thursday at Motel 23 in Chelsea

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