Maxim Ivanov

Circus Performer – Handstand, aerial silk,straps, acrobat.


Adress: 2-aya Shaturskaya 53,
420047, Kazan,Russia
Date of birth: 07.12.1984
Nationality: Russian
Height: 175 sm
Weight: 69 kg
Hair: fair-haired
Eyes: grey
Size: medium
Shoes size: 41
Languages: English, Russian
Marital status: married.


School of circus and variety art in Moscow. 2000-2004. Specialization – Equilibriste,Gymnast,Acrobat.


2013 till november Aida Luna cruise ship circus performer
2012 Aida Bella cruise ship circus performer
2011 - 2012 Berlin FriedrichstadtPalast duo handstand
2011 Istanbul "Nahide" dinner-show
2010-2011 NEW YEAR EVE at Four Season Hotel in Cyprus
2009-2011 Israel. Theatre "Wow show". Circus performer.
2008 France. Circus " Karl Borsberg". Circus performer.
2006-2007 Russia, Ukraine. Different gala show. Circus performer.
2007 Turkey. Hotel Venezia Palace. Circus performer.
2006 Germany. Dinner-show "Spectavola". Circus performer.
2005 Sweden cirkus Maximum. Circus performer.
2004 Spain circus Monti&Cia. Circus performer.
2004 Festival Premiere Rampe (Monaco) Handstand.

Other skills:

Duo adagio, duo aerial silk, duo straps

Olga Polishchuk

Dancer, circus performer.


Adress: Avtozavodskaya str.10\243
Zaporozhye 69118, Ukraine
Date of birth: 27.02.1986
Nationality: Ukrainian
Height: 164 sm
Weight: 48 kg
Hair: fair-haired
Eyes: brown
Size: small
Shoes size: 35,5
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Marital status: married.


College of circus and variety art in Kiev. 2003-2007. Specialization - dancer.
University of teacher's training in Berdyansk. From2008. Specialization – teacher preschool physical education.


2013 till november Aida Luna cruise ship circus performer
2012 Aida Bella cruise ship circus performer
2011 - 2012 Berlin FriedrichstadtPalast duo handstand
2011 Istanbul "Nahide" dinner-show
2010-2011 NEW YEAR EVE at Four Season Hotel in Cyprus
From 2009-2011 Israel. Theatre "Wow show". Circus aerial performer.
2008 France. Circus " Karl Borsberg". Circus aerial performer.
2006-2007 Russia, Ukraine. Different gala show.
2007 Turkey. Hotel Venezia Palace. Circus performer, dancer.
2006 Germany. Dinner-show "Spectavola". Dancer.
2004-2006 Ukraine. Show ballets "JB", "A6",other .Dancer.

Other skills:

All kind of dance art, duo adagio, duo aerial silk, duo straps

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Balance Goddess

Lara Jacobs Rigolo , la révélation d'Amaluna (la Presse, Montreal)

Performer, Balance Goddess at Cirque du Soleils latest production Amaluna
Headpiece Designer, Patricia Field and Cirque du Soleil Merchandise

French Reviews

La Presse Montreal , Interview > www.lapresse.ca/arts/spectacles-et-theatre/cirque/201205/07/01-4522622-lara-jacobs-la-revelation-damaluna.php

Le Journal, Montreal > http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2012/07/26/ravissante-ode-a-la-feminite

La Presse, Arts, Montreal > http://www.lapresse.ca/arts/spectacles-et-theatre/cirque/201204/05/01-4512687-amaluna-virilite-feminine.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_hotTopics_sujets-a-la-une_1664122_accueil_POS2

Blog, Montreal > http://www.uneparisienneamontreal.com/2012/05/30/amaluna-cirque-du-soleil/

AU CIRQUE, Worldwide > http://aucirque.com/actus.php?num=12343&compte=1

ViPs of Montreal with Cirque Starts > http://www.lapresse.ca/arts/vie-de-stars/201205/03/01-4521428-amaluna-le-chapiteau-des-vip.php#Slide-3-box-0

Quebec City , Quebec Spot http://www.quebecspot.com/2012/04/photos-amaluna-du-cirque-du-soleil/

Globe and Mail Award


English Reviews

Globe and Mail (national Newspapaer Canada) http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/in-pictures-cirque-act-is-a-symphony-of-stillness/article6638942/

Capilano Courier http://capilanocourier.com/strength-and-beauty-cirque-du-soleils-amaluna-inspires-crowd/

Toronto.com Review http://www.toronto.com/article/724935--cirque-du-soleil-s-amaluna-pushes-boundaries-tells-a-real-story

The Buzz, Montreal > http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/the-buzz/2012/04/cirques-amaluna.html

The Snipe News, Vancouver http://www.thesnipenews.com/vancouver/events/cirque-du-soleil-amaluna-vancouver-review-photos/

Thalo, Interview > http://www.thalo.com/articles/view/429/the_nature_of_balance_lara_jacobs_balance_goddess

Vacay, Toronto, Article > http://vacay.ca/2012/09/dazzling-cirque-show-at-home-in-toronto/

Stage Door Review, Toronto > vacay.ca/2012/09/dazzling-cirque-show-at-home-in-toronto/

Toronto Now, News Paper > http://www.nowtoronto.com/mobile/story.cfm?c=188548

The Globe and Mail, National Canadian News Paper > http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/theatre-and-performance/theatre-reviews/amaluna-its-cirque-de-shakespeare-and-it-soars/article4526578/

the Grid, Toronto News Article > http://www.thegridto.com/culture/theatre/amaluna/

Torontist, News Paper Article > http://torontoist.com/2012/09/cirque-du-soleils-amaluna-serves-up-shakespeare-with-a-twist/

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Money Ville , Montreal > http://www.moneyville.ca/article/1168693--cirque-du-soleil-s-amaluna-pushes-boundaries-tells-a-real-story

Vancouver Sun> http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Review+Steamy+Cirque+Soleil+gives+Tempest+feminist+twist+Amaluna/7619746/story.html

The Star, Vancouver > http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/review/article/1252737--cirque-du-soleil-s-amaluna-review

Huffington Post, Vancouver > http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/09/08/cirque-du-soleil-amaluna-review_n_1865596.html

Press plus 1, Montreal http://www.pressplus1.com/stage-reviews/amaluna-cirque-du-soleil

Motnreal Review, Blog http://montreal.about.com/od/cirquedusoleil/ss/amaluna-review-cirque-du-soleil-critique.htm

Interview, Ask Mama Moe http://askmamamoe.blogspot.ca/2012/06/cirque-de-soleils-amaluna.html

Citiy on fire , Montreal http://thecityonfire.blogspot.ca/2012/01/cirque-du-soleil-unveils-amaluna.html

German Reviews

Celebrity and Fashion Magazine, Switzerland http://www.stylewhispers.com/main/urbanwhispers.html#c753

Augustdorf, Germany http://www.lz.de/home/nachrichten_aus_lippe/augustdorf/augustdorf/5313963_Augustdorfer_Kulturkreis_beschert_unvergesslichen_Abend.html

Toggenburger Tagblatt, Switzerland http://www.toggenburgertagblatt.ch/ostschweiz/stgallen/toggenburg/tt-ne/Palmwedel-auf-Amerika-Tournee;art236,2628953

Galas / Videos

up and coming event in Boston at the American Repertory Theater Annual Gala February 11th

C2 Montreal, Guy Laliberte announces Lara Jacobs as Amalunas Balance Goddess

Journal de Montreal

Amaluna Preview Video

Headpiece Design Articles

Toronto Standard http://www.torontostandard.com/style/uniform-project-cirque-du-soleil

Fashion 360 Magazine http://fashion360mag.com/tag/lara-jacobs-rigolo/

Celebrity and Fashion Magazine, Switzerland http://www.stylewhispers.com/main/urbanwhispers.html#c753

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Mayya Panfilova and Andriy Bilobrov are both first generation circus performers. The two began over 14 years ago with a dream of creating a unique presentation. With a lot of practice and patience the two achieved their goal in 1996 when they received their first circus contract with a Russian circus. Since then the two have presented their cats in Europe, China, the United States, and have even been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Mayya and Andriy has twelve cats. A modern day cat whisperer, Mayya has always had a passion for these agile felines. The twelve cats that are traveling with Andriy and Mayya range from two to nine years old and consist of different breeds including five British Shorthairs, four Russian Siberians, two Orientals and a Siamese. Ten of the twelve gifted cats were handpicked and trained by Mayya, while the other two were born in their care. “I’m not sure how she does it; she can just look at a cat and know that they will be able to perform. It’s amazing, she just has that connection with them,” explains Andriy.
Each of the cats possesses different skills that can be seen during their adorable performance. Audiences will witness the cats scaling a kitty low wire, balancing on top of balls, jumping through hula hoops, and walking across parallel bars only using their front paws.

Whoever said that cats couldn’t be trained will think twice after seeing the Performing House Cats!

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Christian Atayde Stoinev is a fifth generation performer born on December 4, 1991 in Sarasota, Florida. With a fluency in three languages- Bulgarian, Spanish, and English - Christian has traveled the world performing in front of Princes, International audiences, and renowned public officials.

Christian Performed in his first international festival in Monaco in 2005 with his hand-balancing act with his beloved dog, Scooby. Christian would compete in his second festival just three years later. Being young was not going to stop him from succeeding, in 2005 he received the Grand Prize of Prince Rainier III, the Coupe "K Bronze" and awarded with the Coupe Foundation Turquoise presented by The French - Mexican Consul in Monaco at the International Festival “Premier Rampe” in Monaco.

Christian continued his international presence by performing at the 2008 Festival di Latina, where Professor Leonid Kostyuk presented him with the Special Prize of The Great Moscow State Circus. Christian’s international status has been recognized in international newspapers such as El Diario (Mexico), Nice Matin (France), Monac-Matin (Monaco), and Il Nouva (Italy).

Christian’s commitment to the performing arts began in Mexico at the age of 5.  At the age of 13, Christian was one of the youngest acts in the renowned Big Apple Circus. Since 2001, Christian has been a company member of the Big Apple Circus touring throughout the United States. Christian has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Columbus Dispatch, and The Baltimore Sun.

Although Christian has primarily focused on live performances, it has not stopped him from appearing in TV commercials and Television Specials worldwide. Whether it has been performing as the opening act on Britney Spear’s “Circus” tour, appearing on MTV en Español, America’s Got Talent, or Martha Stewart Live; Christian’s athleticism, personality, and high quality live performing skills are paramount.

Christian’s commitment to performing arts thrives, but he also remains focused on his goal of earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Illinois State University. Since beginning his college career at the age of 17, Christian has also developed a solo hand-balancing routine that he has performed in Dayton, Ohio and Dallas, Texas as part of Cirque Musica. He has also performed solo at events in Chicago, Illinois and College Basketball Halftime performances. 

Christian's professionalism, modesty, and respect are unique qualities that are leading him to a promising future. Following his anticipated graduation in May of 2013, Christian will become the first in his family to earn a college degree. Following graduation at the age of 21, Christian plans on continuing to perform around the world.


D.O.B. Dec/04/1991
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Bulgarian


2004- Big Apple Circus 2004-05 Tour Commercial. On air for 1 year.
2003- PBS Kids Boston Promos 04/03. On air for 1 year.
2002- PBS Kids Boston Promos 04/02. On air for 1 year.


2010- PBS’s “Circus” TV Documentary Series
2008- Univision-TV “Don Francisco Sabado Gigante” 04/08 and 05/08.
2007- NBC-TV “America’s Got Talent” Season 2.
2006- MTV en Español.
2005- NBC-TV "Martha Stewart Live" 12/05.
2005- National PGA Tour 12/05.
2005- News Channel 4 “Circus Kids” 11/05.
2005- CNN en Español 10/28/05.
2005- Channel 22 Mexico “Video Clip” 08/05.
2005- Univision-TV “Control” 02/05
2004- Televisa-TV Channel 2 Mexico “Nuestra Casa” 08/04.
2004- National Geographic “Under the Big Top” 04/18/04.
2004- “Teen Kids News” 03/20/04.
2003- U.K.-Canada-Australia TV “Aliens Among Us” 03/18/03.
2002- Japanese TV “The World, My Sentimental Journey-Mehumi Nisada” 04/07/02.


2012- Hanneford North Carolina Gala Show
2012- Cirque Musica Dallas, TX
2012- Cirque Musica Dayton, OH
2012- College Basketball Halftime Performance
2008-12- The Box NYC, Miami, Los Angeles


2010- Illinois State University’s Gamma Phi Circus Home Show
2009-Performed on Britney Spears “Circus” Tour in Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY 2008- International Circus Festival in the City of Latina, Italy
2005-International Circus Festival “Premiere Rampe” in Monte-Carlo 02/05/05


Appearances and/or Interviews in 45 U.S. Newspapers

New York Times
The Boston Herald
The Columbus Dispatch
The Boston Globe,
The Washington Times

4 International Newspapers

Il Nuove/Italy

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Languages: Spanish and English.

Performer: Professional inline vert skater, tumbler, acrobat, cyr wheel
Unicycle, tramp-wall, trampoline, juggler, parkour (traceur).

Activities: Performer in Voyage de la Vie.
Singapore. 2010-2012.

Hyper oxide Extreme tour August-September 2012.

Performer in FORT FUN ABENTEUERLAND April-August 2013.

Professional Objective:

Keep learning new skills at high level of performance.

Personal References:

Johny Kim: show captain in Voyage de la Vie, performer/dancer/tumbler.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Permanent Phone Number: +1 (760) 505-2454
Macau Number: +853 6383 0492

Markham Gannon: artistic co-ordinator in Voyage de la Vie.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Demoreel 2012

Demoreel 2013

Cyr Wheel

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Libby, aka Libra Fairy, is a dance artist with expertise in performance and choreography. After discovering an organic Hip-Hop flow and a passion for movement expression, Libby began formal training in Modern dance at age 14. Since then Libby has tapped into and fallen in love with other dance styles, namely African dance, Middle Eastern dance and Hoopdance.

She experiments with fusing these different styles to create movement that is fresh and unique. Libby has performed alongside The Manhattan Project (Rochester, NY), Govinda (Austin, TX), Laser Sex (Scranton, PA) and Solaris (Binghamton, NY).

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Why a Belly Dancing Biochemist is a Brilliant Choice for your Party Entertainment

If you are planning an amazing event or wedding and want a talented, family-friendly belly dancer, Belly Dance Brilliance is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for an intelligent performer with a Ph.D. in biochemistry who will custom build a belly dance show for your unique event, Belly Dance Brilliance is also the right choice for you.


Nyla Crystal began her obsession with belly dance while earning her B.S. in biotechnology at UC Davis. Her background of ballet, tap dance and cheerleading, combined with the graceful, feminine and emotional aspects of Middle Eastern dance result in her unique style of belly dance. She has won multiple belly dance awards in solo, duet and troupe categories.

Performance highlights include belly dancing in shows with Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity, Turkish pop star Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan, and the Grammy nominated Brothers of the Baladi. She has performed for international corporations including Cirque du Soleil’s cast of Alegria, Nordstrom, SanDisk, and Herbalife as well as belly dance shows in Japan, Iceland and Germany.

Between performing at parties, weddings and corporate events all over Sacramento and San Francisco, directing Kanz al Sahara, and co-directing Troupe Scimitar, Dr. Nyla Crystal works at a pharmaceutical company researching the molecular pathways of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.

Belly Dance Awards

  • Desert Rose – Duet Category Winner!
  • Double Crown – Troupe 1st Runner Up
  • Belly Dancer of the Year – Duo/Trio 1st Runner Up
  • Belly Dancer of the Year – Duo/Trio 1st Runner Up
  • Wiggles of the West – Troupe 1st Runner Up
  • Hips of Fury – Troupe 1st Runner Up
  • North Valley Belly Dance – Solo 2nd Runner Up

In the Press

Sacramento Raks! Belly Dance Show 2012, Sacramento Press

Interview on Being a Belly Dancing Biochemist, HipMix.net belly dance magazine

Sacramento Raks! Belly Dance Show 2011, Sacramento Press

Sacramento Wedding Faire, Sacramento Press

Review of Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance Show, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Raqs Sharki Interview, UC Davis Aggie

Carnival of Stars Featured Workshop Instructor, Diablo Magazine

Carnival of Stars Write Up, Ghawazee Gazette

 Floralia Festival 2010 Write Up, Gilded Serpent

Floralia Festival Performance Write Up, Gilded Serpent

Surreyya’s Interview of Helena Vlahos, Gilded Serpent

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Serafina is a dancer, model, singer and actress who specializes in belly dance and fire dance. She has been dancing since she was six. She started with jazz, Tap, Latin, Pop, Reggae, Hip-hop and Ballet. She discovered belly dance in her early teens and fell in love. She has trained with top dance instructors. Her charisma, talent and sense of humor have made her a highly requested performer. She dances from her heart and radiates the Goddess within. Some props include : Fire, wings, sword, snake, veils, candles, candelabra, zills, etc.

Professional Experience:

*Dance Teacher: Taught classes Amara AlAmir’s studio, Temple of Jehan, Shaharazad’s studio and several private lessons.
* Guest Dancer and Choreographer: Salsa, Fire and belly dance fusion
Appeared as student and guest dancer for top dancers such as: Dalia Ciarella, Amara al Amir, Shaharazad,Shirel,Jehan Kamal and belly queen.
* Tantric Dance Performances with specialization in Middle-Eastern, Spiritual, Pop, and Latin American dances for spiritual events.
* Celebrations & festive occasions like corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, sweet sixteen, bar mitzvah’s, bachelorette ceremonies(Saks Fifth Ave, Horus Café, Webster Hall, NYU for the Arabic Club, Faluka, La Vie, Village Café, Le Souk, Tagine, Diva Lounge, Athena Restaurant, Lafayette Grill, Green House, and The Westbury Music Fair.)
* Costume Designer: Experienced in unique costume wear and design.
* Promotional Model/Model: Worked as a model for various companies and venues promoting products, clothing and events such as: Belly dance America,Jessica Mc Clinton, Mary Kay, Topkapi Designs, Amara’s Emporium, Art Institute Show, Tantra lounge, Events Models, Liquor Promotions and others.

Film, Stage and Impersonator: 

* River of Copsa Mica, 2007: Independent film where performed as a Fire Goddess Belly Dancer.
* Amara al Amir Tapestry Show cases: Group performances and soloist.
* Brooklyn Independent Film Festival : Fire performance/dance and drama.
* Music video for international singer Eha: Danced/acted with a fusion of pop and belly dance.
*Tyra Banks Show: Acted as a guest.
* Interviewed for documentary on Equal rights.
* Hola Juventud: Choreographed and danced for Costa Rican youth show.
*Imigrantula: Acted as a priestess.
*Midget Mac Means Business: Reality TV show pilot. Participated as a contestant apprentice.
*The Calling: Drama, Fire/belly dance with Flambeaux’s fire dance troupe.
*12 Corazones: Acted as contestant for matchmaking show.
*Stand in for “The Father Albert Show”.

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Don't let the blonde hair fool you. Although Azziza is of Swiss/Norwegian descent, her belly dance authentically represents the Middle East as she has been told on numerous occasions from Arabic Audiences. 

She started studying oriental dance in 1995 and persistently cultivates her talent.

Recognized within the Arabic Community, Azziza continues to enthrall enthusiasts.
She brings good luck and joy to all who see her perform. 

Not only is she a graceful dancer and a captivating entertainer, but her energy and enthusiasm have an innocence that will soothe your soul. 

She makes each performance truly unique, is absolutely magnetic and once you see her dance, the fascination will draw you back again. 

As a soloist, she has performed regularly in Manhattan, NYC - at Casa La Femme, Ferrier, and Taja. She headlines in Queens, NYC - at the Persian Tea Room and Patoug. 

This youthful dancer has entertained at The Grand Hyatt in Manhattan, The Met Life Building, The Grecian Cave, George's Club, Sahara East, The Atlantic Night Cafe', Tripoli, Cafe' Royal, Beit Eddine and L'Auberge to name a few. 

Azziza has enchanted audiences at numerous private parties such as, weddings, birthday parties and the like. Her performance shined and demanded attention at Puff Daddy's "All White Party" in East Hamptonm and was recognized by the press. 

She is consumed by this art form and wishes to share it with all; this includes art aficionados, restaurant goers, entertainment seekers and those new to the art. 

The venues that truly bring her the most gratification are the nursing homes and hospitals. 

As a member of Renate's Goddesses Bas Harem Troupe, she has charmed audiences at Lincoln Center, Cami Hall, and the AHRC Mansion, among many others. 

Azziza has been featured on WABC Eyewitness News, Fox, CBS, NBC, WB Network, starred in a short film entitled Shangharh and won a belly dancing contest at The Orient House of Istanbul, Turkey.

She currentley performs in the Detroit Metro area and teaches in Fenton, Berkey, Grand Blanc, Linden and Flint.

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Key Makeup Artist ‐ Music Video ‐ The CherryDrops ~Outta Sight ‐ Florida 2013
Promotional Representative ‐ Cargo Cosmetics ‐ Ulta Store,Jacksonville, Florida 2013
Makeup Artist ‐ SX Vodka “Sex on the Beach“ Convention ‐ Ascendant Marketing& Media 2013
Key Makeup Artist ‐ VOID Magazine ‐ Magazine Cover/ EditorialOctober 2012
Key Makeup Artist ‐ AnnieGaybis(actress) Pygmalion Promo Flyer 2012
Key Makeup Artist ‐ Into the Future (feat. Freedom Williams, C+C Music Factory) Music Video ‐ Mark E. Walker 2012
Promotional Makeup Artist ‐ Borghese Cosmetics ‐ NeverQuit Beach Festival,Jacksonville, Florida
Promotional Representative ‐ Yaby Cosmetics ‐ The Makeup Show, Chicago, Illinois
Key Makeup Artist ‐ Mark E. Walker ‐ Here WeGo ‐ Promotional Video
Key Makeup Artist ‐ Mia BellaDance Academy ‐ Mint Magazine CoverNovember 2010
Personal Makeup Artist ‐ Mark E. Walker(Top 40 Recording Artist)
Key Makeup Artist ‐ SMTs ‐ Justin Allgaier,NASCAR driver(Fleishman‐Hillard, Inc.)
Florida Licensed Esthetician ‐ Facial/Skin Care Specialist
Key Makeup Artist ‐ Imagesfor a Cure ‐ Jennifer Ring Photography
Key Makeup Artist ‐ Picture Perfect Photos ‐ SynergyHealth Studios
Key Makeup Artist ‐ Career Fusion
The Makeup Artist Summit ‐ The PowderGroup ‐ Miami, Florida
"Kalua Colada" Music Video ‐ HipHop Artist: AquilNashid /Director: FelixOrtiz; Skeleton Key Productions
SpotlightGallery Image (MuseCube)/ ShowcaseGallery Image (One Model Place)
Featured Makeup Artist February 2008 (NOMA ‐NationalOnline Makeup Artists)
Feature Makeup Artist(Worldwide Alliance of Makeup Artists) and (Makeup ArtistNetwork)
Referenced in the book Make‐up Techniquesfor Photography by Cliff andNancyHollenbeck / Amherst Media
Retail Cosmetic Associate ‐ JC Penney ‐ Daytona Beach, Florida
Makeup Sales Consultant ‐ The Body Shop ‐ Daytona Beach, Florida
Beauty Consultant ‐ Mary Kay Cosmetics ‐ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Makeup Brushes 101, Building a Better Makeup Kit‐ James Vincentfor Crown Brush, PremiereDay Spa *Orlando, Florida
Working in the Makeup Industry, Trendsfor Today ‐ James Vincentfor Crown Brush, PremiereDay Spa *Orlando, Florida
Building a Better Makeup Businessin Your Salon, The Business of Beauty: Bridal Artistry&Beyond ‐ Orlando Santiago
Easy FX for Every Artist ‐ NixHererra for Crown Brush, PremiereDay Spa *Orlando, Florida
Ten Wordsfor a Stronger Career ‐ MichaelDeVellis *Orlando, Florida
Kit Focus ‐ James Vincentforthe Makeup Show *Orlando, Florida
Toolsfor Trends ‐James Vincentfor Crown Brush *Orlando, Florida
Airbrush Contouring ‐ Going Beyond Foundation:Nicky Posley for TEMPTUPRO*Orlando, Florida
Beauty and The Blog ‐ Hosted By James Vincent *Orlando, Florida
Understanding Airbrush ‐ Orlando Santiago * Chicago, Illinois
The Complete Bridal Workshop ‐ Kathy Aragon * Chicago, Illinois
Evolution ‐ The PowderGroup * Provincetown, Massachusetts
Flagler Technical Institute ‐ Facial/Skin Care Specialist * PalmCoast, Florida
M•A•C Master Classes ‐ Orlando, Florida
Joe Blasco Makeup Studio * Miami, Florida
Beautiful Bridal Makeup ‐ Leslie Christin for Cara Cosmetics * Miami, Florida
Working In the Makeup Industry ‐ James Vincent andGuests * Miami, Florida
PR, Publicity andOn‐line Promotion&10 Words ‐ MichaelDeVellis * Miami, Florida
Strengthening YourOn‐line Presence ‐ Victoria Stiles * Miami, Florida
30Days at 100% &Career Focus ‐ Keynote: Crystal Wright * Miami, Florida
Hair Event and BridalHair Styling ‐ WilliamEdge * Miami, Florida
Promodels‐Online Workshop * Cocoa Beach, Florida
JC Penney CosmeticsDepartment, Makeup Consultant *Daytona Beach, Florida
Florida PhotoDayz * St. Augustine, Florida
The Body Shop, Makeup Artist *Daytona Beach, Florida
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Beauty Consultant * Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Ambler Beauty Academy * Ambler, Pennsylvania
Couture Model Management * Elizabeth,New Jersey
John Casablanca’s Modeling, PersonalDevelopment&Career Center * Allentown, Pennsylvania
Cosmetics on theGo * Toronto, Canada
Stephanie Mazzeo | 38


WayHarsh Productions
The CherryDrops(band)
Axtravaganza Films
Ascendant Media& Marketing
VOID Magazine
FreedomWilliams, C+C Music Factory
Mark E.Walker(musician)
Tj Rosenman (actor)
Robb Chamberlain (actor)
AquilNashid (musician)
Justin Allgaier,NASCAR
Pyramid Music Productions
Borghese Cosmetics
Costco, Inc.
EncoreNationwide Talent
Mia BellaDance Academy
Mint Magazine
Atlantic VibeDance Academy
Fleishman‐Hillard, Inc.(media)
Imagesfor a Cure
Picture Perfect Photos
Career Fusion
DarkestHour Productions
Skeleton Key Productions
Morgan Films Entertainment Ltd
Professional BeautyNetwork
Younik Imaging
Violent WindNet
Studio 53
Dragun Entertainment
Florida Photo‐Dayz

The PowderGroup
NOMA (NationalOnline Makeup Artists)
CAMONE (Freeze Frame‐CamOne International, Inc.)
Glamour Models
BrokenDoll Models
Muse Cube
Model Launch
Model Mayhem
Ujena Talent
Makeup ArtistDirectory
Models Everyday
Wicked Talent
W.A.M.A.(Worldwide Alliance of Makeup Artist)
One Talent Source
The PortfolioNetwork

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