Iu Axe
Drums and Movement, Samba Reggae style in Bristol

Ilu Axé, pronounced 'Eeloo Ashay' (and meaning drum/rhythm positive energy), is a dynamic and vibrant group of wonderful, beautiful, funky dancing Samba-Reggae drummers, based in Bristol, UK. Samba-Reggae is the powerful, sensual Carnaval music from Brazil's original capital city, the magical and very special Salvador da Bahia, it's a mix of Samba de Roda (the original Samba found around Salvador), Ijexa (Afoxé), Jamaican Reggae and the African rooted religious drumming found in Candomblé.

We're what's known as a Bloco (a group of drummers playing Afro-Brazilian Carnaval rhythms), and we combine traditional and original Samba-Reggae drumming, movement and songs.

We can be large or small, ten players to thirty-five, or if we combine with our sister group Ilu Axé Marseille, well then who knows, as many as fifty.

Ilu Axé is dance music, real, live, pumping Afro-dance music, so if you want funky and heavy drums and moves Afro-Brazilian style, then call us! If you want to join us, then sign up for one of our beginners courses and do what you've always wanted to do.

Confirmed Gigs in 2013

  • Saturday 20 April The Plantation, Bristol
  • Friday 17 May The Plantation, Bristol
  • Monday 27 May Tetbury Woolsack Races, Tetbury
  • Saturday 8 June Easter Compton Fair, Easter Compton
  • Mens Mental Health Week - workshop near the Welshback, early evening
  • Friday 14 June The Plantation, Bristol
  • Saturday 6th July St Pauls Carnival, Bristol
  • Saturday 13th July The Belvoir Street party
  • Thurs 25th to Sun 28th Womad
  • 9th-11th August Boomtown Festival (to be confirmed)
  • Saturday 17th August The Plantation, Bristol
  • Sat 14th September The Canteen, Bristol
  • Sat 28th September (daytime) Memory Walk for Alzheimers, Bristol
  • Sat 28th September (evening) The Plantation, Bristol
  • Sat 19th October The Plantation, Bristol
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Acerbic Film & Entertainment Group.

I was born in Manhattan, New York, to a young Chinese American couple. At two months of age I was adopted by an Italian American family in East New York where I resided through my second year of grade school before moving to Port Jefferson, New York (Long Island). In 1996 I moved back to downtown New York City where I enjoyed success as a real estate broker for the fashion industry.

It was through the encouragement of clients and contacts within the business which would inspire me to pursue a career as an actor. I had a head-shot made and sent it out sans agent. I answered an ad in 'Backstage' newspaper and landed a principle role in THE CUT RUNS DEEP (1998) which also marked the feature debut for director John H. Lee. In addition to my acting stint, I also served as a location scout on the production; even leasing my loft in Tribeca for interior shots. I also made appearances on the popular television sitcom "SPIN CITY" as well as national commercials while playing bits in features such as the direct-to-video release ROW YOUR BOAT (1998) starring musician/rock star turned actor Jon Bon Jovi. Upon obtaining the services of Jadin Wong, New York City's top talent agent for Asian performers, I soon found myself reading for some very good film roles and was on second call for ANNA AND THE KING (1999) and THE CORRUPTOR (1999). When I qualified for my Screen Actors Guild card my agent as well as some casting directors suggested I attend Bill Esper Studios in Manhattan to further hone my skills.

In 2000 I had resigned from acting. Still wishing to entertain, I embarked on a new career path as a DJ and was soon to become one of downtown Manhattan's top VIP nightclub DJ personalities making appearances from the Hamptons to South Beach.

Then in 2000, I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where utilizing my already vast knowledge and experience I founded Interstate Records; a music and entertainment company which combined retail, production and DJ schools all-in-one.

Due to certain circumstances I found myself forced to take an almost 10 year hiatus from the music and nightlife industry.

During my "situation" I had focused solely on studying film direction, production, and developed several stories as screenplays. I worked diligently in these areas. I read Daily Variety Magazine every day so that I might get a detailed understanding of the dynamics of the industry. I am preparing a film company launch some time next year. I am currently in production on a short film that I am currently shooting.

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We are a custom Tattoo Studio specializing in Unique and Creative works of Art!


Art in Motion Tattoo Studio is all about Quality and CUSTOM DESIGNS. We are fine artists which take great pride in our profession and stand by everything we do. Our art work is unique and never duplicated to ensure a one of a kind design made just for you. We pride ourselves in providing a safe clean and friendly environment for you to experience.

General Information

Stop by for a consultation today and let us help you create a work of art that will last a lifetime. Art in Motion Tattoo Studio 378 Belleville Turnpike North Arlington, New Jersey, 07031

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Head Makeup Artist for Zombie Charge, a 5K obstacle charity race
Airbrush and Makeup FX artist at The Only Scream In Town (2013), Six Flags New England for Fright Fest (2012), Fear Factory CT (2011), Castle of Chaos (2010 & 2011), The Haunted Isle (2010), and Fright Haven (2008)
Consulted on the films Leave Day, Inter Silent, Bring Us Your Dead, Return of the Loving Dead, Day H, and The Medallion in the areas of makeup and special effects
Worked many assorted festivals and conventions applying makeup, airbrush, and prosthetics
Sculpted, cast, and painted numerous custom commissioned prosthetic pieces

Co-designed and constructed "emergency twelve hour turnaround" pop-out cake for Stacy London, the host of What Not To Wear to jump out of in the 2011 episode: "In Knead of Style"
Designed and created numerous commissioned costumes of the 'Stay Puft' character from Ghostbusters including a 13' for a Shriners group, and a 7' for The Minions of Gozer, a NYC shadowcast group
Designed and created the Audrey II puppets for several productions of Little Shop of Horrors
Created custom mask for Connecticut Style's 2009 Halloween episode (on WTNH News Channel 8)
Designed numerous haunted attractions using SketchUp and AutoCAD including: Decimation Scream Park, Fright Haven, Castle of Chaos, and multiple Relay for Life charity haunts
Worked two years successively as Set Designer, Technical Director, and Head of Build Crew for Comedy l0l on Return to the Forbidden Planet, and Dracula: The Musical?
Graduate level theatrical lighting design classes completed during my time at UMass Amherst
Many individually commissioned creations brought to life for the film, theater, & haunt, industries

Pro Card Holder: Make-up Artist Magazine
Winner Makeup Wars Professional Haunt Category, National Haunters Convention, May 2012
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro Member, April 2012
Attendee IMATS NYC (International Makeup Artist Trade Show), 2011 & 2012

Client: TLC's What Not To Wear
Vendor TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show 2013
Attendee IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) 2011-2013
Client: Rubicon Publishing and Scholastic

B.A. Degree in Theater Design & Tech, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, May 2008
Wolfe Brothers (now Evil Twin FX) Makeup FX 2009 and Mask Training 2010
Temptu Pro Airbrush Training and Certification, April 2012

Alginate Lifecasting, Clay Modeling (WED & Oil-Based), Ultracal 30 Casting, Latex (Slush & Foamed), numerous Silicone brands, assorted Gelatin Recipes, Bald Cap Application, Pros-Aide (and Bondo), Airbrushing, Pax Paint, various Fake Blood Formulas, FX Contacts, basic Animatronics Setup, basic Carpentry, basic Tooling/Machining, basic Wiring & some other Electronics, basic Hand & Machine Sewing, basic Scenic Painting, L200 (Minicel Foam), Upholstery Foam (Polyurethane), Pink Foam (Extruded Polystyrene), multiple Expanding Foams, Barge Rubber Cement, Truck Driving (up to 24')
I am available for:: Awards Night, Bar/Lounge, Birthday Party, Casino, Casting Calls, Christmas Party, Club/Nightclubs, Competition, Concert Venue, Convention, Corporate Events, Cruises, Fairs, Festival, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Launch Party, Parades, Private Party, Retreats, Seminars, Sporting Events, Trade Shows, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Receptions, Other

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A professional freelance model hailing from Russia is known for dashing looks and now I am in Singapore.

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Joseph aka JoeLuv, TheBoxBearNYC! is one of New York City's most experienced Go-Go Dancers Entertainers, I am available for all parties. clubs, corporate events, shows and conventions....

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Choreographer and booking agent at Anna's world entertainment.

Anna has always been interested in all nationality of folk dances since her childhood. Anna studied and graduated with an Excellency Diploma of International Folk Dance from the University of Choreography for Russian Ballet in Armenia. She arrived in New York in her teens and danced professionally and choreographed her own dance pieces since. She has also trained in New York with well-known artists as Andrea del Conte for flamenco at the Broadway Dance Center ,and took classes at Fazel's School for Belly Dance.

Specifically, she is trained in classical ballet, jazz ballet, flamenco, belly dance, took some classes of Indian ancient folk dance and more recently she has been exploring hip-hop and many other types of dances to create her own unique mixture of synthesizing of old and new.

Read an Article in Armenian Weekly Armenian Belly Dancer Shines in New York

Anna has performed in theatrical settings as well as corporate and private events.You can watch Anna's sold out concert in JOE'S PUB at Public Theatre by clicking here.She has also performed for many celebrities at their private events: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Henry Kissinger, Barbara Walters, Oscar de la Renta (designer), Marc Jacob's 1001 arabian holiday costumed party at Rainbow room click here for photos and many more.

She was also featured in concert with European singer Ingrid. Latest appearances include MTV's my Sweet 16 program showing her belly dance performance. Recently Anna was featured as a main belly dancer in DON OMARS "Salio el sol" music video, as well as performed her "Live python show" at GUNS AND ROSES band after concert party. ANNA performed at Welcome Party for Ambassador of Dubai in New York Al Otaiba with guests like Beyonce,Patti LaBelle,Ashanti,Star Johns and many more. Anna had her own sold out concert twice at the legendary Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre. She also had appeared in movie " Autumn in New York" as a gypsy dancer, directed by Joan Chen starring Richard Gere and Winona Rider. Anna had television appearances on MTV, ESPN, Persian TV, and appeared in various commercial on Russian television RTV. She was involved in modeling as well as in commercials. Anna has taken her solo act all over the United States.

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Serafina is a dancer, model, singer and actress who specializes in belly dance and fire dance. She has been dancing since she was six. She started with jazz, Tap, Latin, Pop, Reggae, Hip-hop and Ballet. She discovered belly dance in her early teens and fell in love. She has trained with top dance instructors. Her charisma, talent and sense of humor have made her a highly requested performer. She dances from her heart and radiates the Goddess within. Some props include : Fire, wings, sword, snake, veils, candles, candelabra, zills, etc.

Professional Experience:

*Dance Teacher: Taught classes Amara AlAmir’s studio, Temple of Jehan, Shaharazad’s studio and several private lessons.
* Guest Dancer and Choreographer: Salsa, Fire and belly dance fusion
Appeared as student and guest dancer for top dancers such as: Dalia Ciarella, Amara al Amir, Shaharazad,Shirel,Jehan Kamal and belly queen.
* Tantric Dance Performances with specialization in Middle-Eastern, Spiritual, Pop, and Latin American dances for spiritual events.
* Celebrations & festive occasions like corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, sweet sixteen, bar mitzvah’s, bachelorette ceremonies(Saks Fifth Ave, Horus Café, Webster Hall, NYU for the Arabic Club, Faluka, La Vie, Village Café, Le Souk, Tagine, Diva Lounge, Athena Restaurant, Lafayette Grill, Green House, and The Westbury Music Fair.)
* Costume Designer: Experienced in unique costume wear and design.
* Promotional Model/Model: Worked as a model for various companies and venues promoting products, clothing and events such as: Belly dance America,Jessica Mc Clinton, Mary Kay, Topkapi Designs, Amara’s Emporium, Art Institute Show, Tantra lounge, Events Models, Liquor Promotions and others.

Film, Stage and Impersonator: 

* River of Copsa Mica, 2007: Independent film where performed as a Fire Goddess Belly Dancer.
* Amara al Amir Tapestry Show cases: Group performances and soloist.
* Brooklyn Independent Film Festival : Fire performance/dance and drama.
* Music video for international singer Eha: Danced/acted with a fusion of pop and belly dance.
*Tyra Banks Show: Acted as a guest.
* Interviewed for documentary on Equal rights.
* Hola Juventud: Choreographed and danced for Costa Rican youth show.
*Imigrantula: Acted as a priestess.
*Midget Mac Means Business: Reality TV show pilot. Participated as a contestant apprentice.
*The Calling: Drama, Fire/belly dance with Flambeaux’s fire dance troupe.
*12 Corazones: Acted as contestant for matchmaking show.
*Stand in for “The Father Albert Show”.

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