Why Choose Me?

Hello! My name is Laurie Phelps. I live in the Central Valley, Fresno Visalia area. California is my native home, which
I love dearly, and creating and appreciating art is my passion. I am a mother and a grandmother, married for 25
yrs. Face painting was the last thing I ever thought I would do and the best thing I have ever done ;)

When art is mixed with entertainment it comes alive with fun and color. I am crazy about smiles, and kids, and
happy people, therefore, I do my best to always give my clients outstanding, positive service in every regard.

I have worked in amusement parks most of my life. I love creating costumes and special effects (fx). Fun and
creating memories are part of my core values. I promise to give you the best the Valley has to offer in professional
face and body art. Outstanding customer service is always included in my services and your business is very much

Why should you choose me over a less expensive painter?

Seven years of face painting experience in both private and corporate settings, fully insured, fully equipped and
using only the finest body art and face painting supplies on the market. Craft paint or embellishments are never
used. I always provide the "WOW!" to my art, resulting in lots of repeat clients. I have taken numerous classes
with Master Instructors in this industry and continue to further my temporary body art education. I keep my
skills and designs current.

Most importantly, I strive to exceed your expectations on all levels.

I hope you enjoy my work. And thank you for trusting me to create an experience that is awesome for you, your
friends and your families.

Laurie Phelps
Principal Artist and Owner
CALIFORNIA Face & Body Art

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