Heidi has been singing for over 15 years. Her repertoire consists of country to Soul, with a bit of Jazz and Latin thrown in for good measure. She has even been known to slip into a 60's outfit now and then.

Heidi was born into a musical family, even her mothers sewing machine was a singer!

Heidi started singing from an early age, singing with a hairbrush in front of the mirror dreaming of performing, but now Heidi has fulfilled her dream and is able to perform no longer in front of a mirror but in front of large or small audiences.

Heidi has sung in and out of Europe, from hotels, ships, clubs to concert halls.

Heidi’s experience in the music industry, has provided specialist corporate and wedding entertainment. Heidi can also supply a live band as well as a DJ on the night should you require, or just simply background music.

Heidi has just released COME ON IN:

The title of the new album from Heidi McCaffrey, and it's a very appropriate title, because it invites the listener to listen to a selection of brand new original songs sung by this charismatic and melodic singer-songwriter (and actor!) In the last couple of years, since the release of her Lee Lynch written single "What Ever Happened To My Angel" has become a much respected artiste receiving extensive airplay in Ireland, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and country music radio stations all over Europe.

Prior to the release of her single, Heidi worked mostly in the UK, with occasional forays to faraway places like Singapore and South Africa, and of course, the Czech Republic where, incidentally, she has had a loyal following of concert goers since the early naughties!

In Ireland, Heidi's star is also very much on the rise, and it's a place she has always wanted to perform in. And did she start off there with bang!

On the 9th of September 2011 Heidi McCaffrey played her first ever Irish concert to a full house audience in the Town Hall Theatre in Galway. As Heidi said in an interview with Jimmy Higgins on Galway Bay FM "I have played all over the world, but the reception I received here in Galway was the best I will ever receive." But she was wrong! Because on the 18th February 2012 she returned to Galway's Town Hall Theatre to an even more rapturous response from the delighted audience.

As mentioned earlier "Come On In" is an album of all original country/country "n" Irish songs, written by Heidi, Lee Lynch, Marty Walsh, Walter Cunningham Steve and Martin Johnston, Phil Rynhart and Nick Harvey.

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Henna Designing or Tattooing is an art ,it looks beautiful and different from permanent tattooing ,Henna is made from plants so it's completely safe,and will fade away after 2-3 weeks.

The henna plant had been used since the beginning of new things human started to explore and used henna as a traditional dye for skin, hair, nails leather and wool. The leaves are made into a paste with other additions (tea, oil, lemon, etc.) to heighten the color or make it longer lasting. Later, the art evolved into the people’s culture.
Henna designs are different from one culture to another and their significance and meanings are different as well. The countries that rank henna a special place in their culture include India, Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt Persia (Iran), and Malaysia.

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FaceTheDesign face and body art is a sole proprietorship that brings fun and exciting entertainment to clients of all ages at events of all types. The highest quality cosmetic- grade FDA-compliant products are used. FaceTheDesign services North Central California (Stanislaus County and outside areas) and travels directly to the client.

FaceTheDesign has been in business since 2009, regularly attends workshops and conventions and is connected with worldwide face and body art business owners making sure the latest designs are implemented in her business as well as learning about the highest quality paints and cosmetic-grade FDA-compliant supplies used in the industry. FaceTheDesign is a fully insured family entertainment business.

Celebrations for this service includes: birthday parties, company picnics, grad nights, corporate events, grand openings, family reunions, church functions, graduations, weddings, family picnics, sports events, baby showers, Mardi gras celebrations, school events, school carnivals, Halloween parties, harvest festivals, farmers’ markets, festivals, and quinceaneras.

FaceTheDesign offers not only face painting, but temporary GLITTER TATTOOS, HENNA, BELLY PAINTING, and BODY PAINTING all of which are the hottest body art forms in the world today.

The idea started with my mom’s persistence that I could be a face painter – I was resistant to the idea until my long-time friend convinced me that I COULD do it; so she and I looked into face painting together. I started face painting for my sons’ school PTA events about 20 years ago, and practiced on their friends and gradually got into doing street fairs.

With my mom’s constant encouragement for growth in the business, I established a business name, applied for a business license, obtained liability insurance, designed my first set of business cards, and from that day forward, it’s been continual growth and development of my skill level and services I offer. I get my inspiration from master face and body painters/ instructors in the industry.

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Khadija Parham, owner of D'vine Beauty has worked her way into the beauty industry as a makeup artist based in Chicago, IL. Where she provides on location beauty consultant services for any event or occasion.

Khadija's diverse background and experience has been accredited to her artistic talent, cosmetology and Business Administration as her field of study. She focuses on the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject, no matter the gender or ethnicity.

Whether her responsibilities take her on location to a motion picture set, television studio, wedding or to a photographic makeup shoot. Khadija displays her mastery for creating the right look, a "flawless look".

Like a true fashion addict, her interest in makeup artistry began long before her career in makeup did. While in high school she attended Cosmetology School, and later took courses in model development. Then moved from Chicago to Atlanta to pursue modeling, hair and makeup. While continuing her education at an Atlanta based Hair School. She has worked with several photographers as a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist and a variety of Cosmetic company's as a makeup artist and sales consultant. Some of her work has been seen and published in

85th Oscars Red Carpet / RCCOC
Forever Foreign Film / Englewood
The Style Network / Chicagolicious
Vision Quest Pictures / Complex Occupation
Radio Personality Demi Neutron / Bakground dancers
Choplin Productions Music Video
Bone Crusher Music Video
Skinnymen Productions My Flair Video

Atlanta Center of Arts / Pepsi

Fashion Shows
Blake Martin Productions
Beau Ideal
Derrick Rose Bentley /Birthday
Beau Ideal
Derrick Rose Bentley /Birthday BashModelMakeup
Tasha Toye Hair
The Industry Magazine
Maurice Andrews
World Premiere

Kiyoko Linden Clothing Designer
Gloss Magazine Publication
Fresh Swagger Magazine Publication
Dean Reid Photography Publication
What’s Happening Magazine Publication
Jaarcal StudioPhotography
The Industry Magazine Publication

to name a few....

She mainly works with MaryKay cosmetics line, which is also available for purchase. While utilizing other professional cosmetic brands to add to her impeccable makeover application.


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Randolph has garnered his exceptional Makeup Artistry skill & experience living in the fashions cities such as New York & LA while doing work in Miami, Atlanta and many other major cities.
Some of his training and remarkable skill set comes from being an artist for renowned Makeup brands such as, MAC, NARS and YSL.

Randolph is a visionary. While being driven, He understands beauty and knows how to amplifying it. Executing the request precisely.

Randolph understands that image is extremely important. Professionalism, hygiene and high quality customer service skills are just as luxurious as the brands that you can find in his kit.

Having worked with some of the worlds most admired beauties such as, Kim Kardashian, Mary J. Blidge and Fantasia just to name a few; this has really evolved his perspective when it comes to the complexities of today’s beauty.

Magazine Publications such as, Brune Paris, Modern Luxury CS Bride, Sister2Sister Magazine among others have featured his beautiful work. Working on live television isn’t new to the talented artist either-Windy City Live of, Chicago is where you may have seen his magic.
high fashion runway shows, Red Carpet events in addition to, Johnson & Johnson along with Whirlpool commercials and some music videos are where you can catch some of his magic behind the brush.

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Multimedia Makeup Artist for fashion editorial, runway, film, and bridal

Professionally applied makeup is one service that can complete a look and guarantee that subject camera ready. Skilled artists are trained in understanding the effects that various types of lighting have on photos. A Professional Makeup Artist is trained in selecting appropriate products and in application techniques that work best in the variety of settings that a photographer and videographer will be shooting in. Photos/videos will last a lifetime but you only have one chance to enhance your best features and camouflage uneven skin tones and blemishes.

Make sure to budget for a Professional Makeup Artist when planning your photo or video shoot! It can make all the difference...

I have been working in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years (just how long? that would be tmi ;) ). I am a licensed Esthetician in MA and a certified professional makeup artist.

I pride myself on staying current with the trends, as well as adapting to each and every client’s personal needs and desires. I am very versatile in my approach to the art of makeup. I have worked in about every arena of makeup artistry.

My experience is proficient in areas of production for high-definition, film, print, bridal, and editorial. My experience has afforded me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of products and ethnicities and skin types.

I love to work with brides! I find it a blessing to share my gift with women on their special day. I am dedicated to making the bride’s dream of the “ideal look” become a reality. I am well experienced with what it takes to get through the process in order to keep everything on track and to make the walk down the aisle the best experience for the bride and her party.

I do provide "on-location" beauty services. Brides, what that means for you is a stress-free day of makeup services coming to your door, salon, hotel, etc . I pride myself on being reliable and prompt.

*I also see clients at Boston's Park Plaza hotel

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We are the ultimate party band; ready for cultural affairs, community events, weddings, birthday parties, speakeasys, guerrilla art events and wild over the top anything goes shenanigans, contact us for details.

Roaring out of Brooklyn comes the Hungry March Band, NYC's legendary street brass march band in the anarchic style that has become their trademark . Put on your dancing shoes and break out the fancy threads because they’ve got a party going on - a blazing parade of flesh, blood, steel, brass and wood. They are the music of the people!

The Hungry March Band has earned a reputation for mythical revelry having performed at a huge variety of fine venues and celebrated events. Such planned and spontaneous performances have included guerilla art events, mermaid parades, rural raves, subway parties, eccentric weddings, community affairs, protests, high art events, the Staten Island Ferry, Brighton Beach Boardwalks, MOMA, Lincoln Center, steps of the NYC Post Office, playing themselves in the final scene of John Cameron Mitchell's recent film "Shortbus and many other forays into the territories of free spirit.

Our musical repertoire consists of original compositions written by band members as well as scores selected from our multi-cultural world community. These songs range from New Orleans street bands, European brass traditions, Gypsy/Roma classics, wedding brass bands from India, the jazz world and the global community of NYC. The band is an ever evolving musical experiment influenced and inspired from Brooklyn’s backyard with Latin flavor, punk rock noise, hip hop beats and music of the streets.

We have been featured in articles in the New York Times, The Village Voice, London Times, New York Post, Time Out New York, New York Press, Tokyo Times, various European publications and have countless mentions in blogs, various zines and web articles. We have appeared on several TV networks including Lifetime, CNN, New York One, march bys on the fly with ABC, NBC, CBS as well as appearances in several documentaries including an HMB feature Rockumentary, A Cat in a Bag.We are available to play festivals, parties, parades, community celebrations, conventions, birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs…and remain open to suggestion!

Our discography includes four self-produced CD’s.

The most recent, "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias," (produced by Grammy-winner Danny Blume, and co-produced by Matt Moran of Slavic Soul Party) presents a phenomenal collection of original songs as wild and eclectic as the band itself. The HMB specializes in surprise radical encounters that transform the mundane into the miraculous. "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias"" set the tempo for a week of hi-jinks & pranks, HMB's Seven Days of 23 minute Utopias, destined to explode in music and create utopias throughout New York City, resulted in widespread surprise and joy along with a few tickets for disturbing the peace, all of which were dismissed, as at the time the peace needed disturbing.

Our third release, “Critical Brass” was recorded at Loho Studios, NYC, in the Spring of 2004 merely days after returning from a very successful European tour. Our second release “On the Waterfront” (2003) was recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and dedicated to the hallowed grounds upon which the tunes were wrought. The virgin debut, Hungry March Band Official Bootleg, (2001) consists of a series of live recordings and is considered an historical reference for exercises in wind, percussion and fluid dynamics

Please see our separate HMB performance list, which is always in need of updates as it is difficult to keep up with the tremendous volume of events.

HMB Pleasure Society and Second Line is an evolving extension of the band that adds so much spice to our parades and events, its participation in parade presentations features up to 75 performers who reflect the music with their vibrant dancing, baton twirling, fire spinning, hoola-hooping, gymnastics, stilt walking, and puppeteering.

Fear shall lead you to the place you most need to be. When you arrive, dive into the sea of the unknown, we will be there cheering you on, furiously playing in a state of absolute delightful madness.

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POWERPLAY is an international band consisting of four or five members hailing from Romania. The 5pc lineup consists of 1 female vocalist, keyboards/piano/vocals, guitar/bouzouki/vocals, bass and drums/vocals. 4pc lineup is 1 female vocalist, keyboards/piano/vocals, guitar/bouzouki/vocals, and drums/vocals

POWERPLAY is a one of a kind band with pulsating rhythms and stunning vocals. From the very first note to the very last you realize POWERPLAY is fresh, unique and innovative. They have energy, talent, and style that audiences will cherish, enjoy and appreciate during and after each and every performance.

POWERPLAY is the very best, being competitively priced, high quality, and having exceptional versatility. Because of their extensive experience performing on Cruise Ships, television, clubs and functions they appeal to audiences of all nationalities, in all markets.

Band Members

Marian Mihai – Band Leader | Keyboards / Piano / Vocals
Sebastian Constatin Soltan (Seby) | Guitar / Vocals
Constantin Borcea (Costel) | Bass
Norbert Bayer | Drums / Vocals
Silvia Iancu | Female Vocalist

Marian Mihai (Band Leader) Keyboards / Piano / Vocals

Marian comes from a multi talented musical family. At the age of six he started learning piano and by fourteen was working professionally alongside his father and sister. He is an extremely gifted musician with extensive experience on Cruise Ships, Clubs, and Television etc. His ability to play all musical styles makes Marian an invaluable asset to POWERPLAY.

Sebastian Soltan (Seby) Guitar / Vocals

When Sebi takes the stage it really rocks with his outstanding improvisations and solos. His talented musical abilities have lead POWERPLAY from one successful contract to another.

Constantin Borcea (Costel) Bass

Costel is a very well rounded, talented musician with experience in all genres of music. His impressive musicianship has made POWERPLAY one of the best rhythm sections around.

Norbert – Romeo Bayer Drums / Vocals

Norbert has over 25 years professional drumming experience playing on Cruise Ships and in his home country with original and cover bands. His rock solid beat and great vocals are given POWERPLAY that special edge.

Silvia Iancu Female Vocalist

Silvia commands the stage with her professionalism, excellent stage presence, vocals, and attractive appearance. Every performance is winner.
Her extensive repertoire includes songs in English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Russian.

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Virtue a Producer & DJ who says, an artist's ability to entertain a crowd is the single most important part of todays EDM Experience". Being able to deliver an unforgettable show for your fans is what separates the stars from superstars. But all artists start somewhere and for Virtue Growing up in the heart of the world New York City, this is where he calls home .Virtue Being a Classically Trained Saxophone player puts his love for music into his Production and DJ Sets which in turn has been gathering a enthusiastic audience response. A Quote from a recent interview with virtue he says " You Can't be the only one having fun, you have to interact and want them to be wondering what will happen next" which is what he tries to bring to his performances .

From past to present DJ'n at such a young age Virtue has held Residencies at some of the Biggest Nightclub like Crobar in NYC and the Famed Limelight before he was even of age to enter. During this past year Virtue has had the opportunity to play alongside some world class artists such as Kaskade and Chuckie as well entering into the festival market Performing all over the United States.Winning a National DJ Competition against Thousands of Fellow DJ's which was judged by a Live Crowd of over 700 people as well as some big of the industries top Managers and Promoters which then landed him a SponsorShip from Malibu Rum taking him for a 10 city summer tour across the country playing at venues such as Nikki Beach in Miami and the EXChange in L.A.  

The New Year looks promising for Virtue his New Release on Ritmo Loco Records which will be released in January and 3 of his original tracks reaching #1 on Spinnin Records Talent Chart which releases songs by Afrojack , Calvin Harris and Nervo. Being on the music charts has been Virtues Foundation to perform Nightclub and festival Dates across the country to an audience who is familiar with his work. As he moves forward with a evolving culture Virtue is cementing his name as one of Electronic Dance Musics rising stars. You can Listen or Preview Live Sets & Production from Virtue on his SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter @DJVirtue.

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Johnny's 2010 interview on FINN JOHANNSEN'S REWIND
Johnny's 2010 interview on the JONTY SKRUFFF BLOG

JOHNNY DYNELL is the New York City DJ, producer, songwriter, remixer and impresario who has been practicing his art and craft for more than two and a half decades. When Nina Hagen sang "AM/PM, Pyramid, Roxy, Mudd Club, Danceteria" in her 1983 classic "New York New York" she could have been describing Johnny's work week, as he played at them all. Beginning at the seminal Mudd Club in 1980, he also went on to residencies at Area, Boy Bar, Susanne Bartsch's Copacabana parties, The Limelight and weekend nights at the original Tunnel.

In 1983 while working at Danceteria, producer Kenton Nix and fellow DJ Mark Kamins (who had just produced Madonna's debut single) collaborated on Johnny's first record JAM HOT. This quirky, infectious ditty about Graffiti kids and break dancers was a radio breakout, cult classic and Dynell's first outing as a songwriter/artist. Its refrain "Tank, Fly Boss, Walk, Jam, Nitty Gritty / Talkin' 'bout the boys from the big bad city / this is Jam Hot" has been sampled in dozens of songs worldwide. In 2009 the term "Jam Hot" made it into the Urban Dictionary.

Throughout the 1980s Johnny continued to DJ around the world and record on Atlantic Records, collaborating with Arthur Baker, Malcolm Mc Laren, Larry Levan, Peter Rauhofer, Eric Kupper and David Morales. Dynell ended the decade in London recording "Elements Of Vogue", a cult classic that set the standard for all "Voguing" records to come. A longtime member of the House of Xtravaganza, JD continues to spin and write for the Voguing subculture in New York City, and a compilation of his "21st Century Voguing" tracks is due for a Summer 2011 release.

In 1990 Johnny and his wife Chi Chi Valenti opened their own nightclub Jackie 60, an influential underground party that ran for the entire decade, and evolved into the full-time Meat Market venue Mother. Although he continued to DJ at Jackie 60, his energy for the next ten years was totally devoted to running this long-running hit club and its many satellite nights and projects. These include the cyber-fetish experiment Click + Drag and the marathon Night Of 1000 Stevies (still going strong in 2011).

After the closing of Jackie 60 and Mother in 2000, Dynell found his way back to his first love - spinning - when he accepted a residency at Gotham's first new mega-club of the decade, Crobar, in 2003. His Saturday night following there for the next four years also inspired him to begin writing dance music again, including the Pink Martini hit "Una Notte a Napoli". As the Oughts ended, his residencies at gay dance club MR. BLACK and the uber-popular Vandam Sundays at Greenhouse found him back with a vengeance, and a sound described by Michael Musto as "Johnny Dynell's bracing mix of newish-old and oldish-new". Other 2009/2010 highlights included back to back Glammy Awards for Best DJ of the Year and remixing for artists including Scissor Sisters, Escandalo and the B-52's.

Also in 2010, a new generation discovered Johnny with the release of a Jam Hot/ Big Throwdown remix project on Smash Hit Records. This Nu Disco project, which spent three weeks at #1 on the Juno sales chart, featured remixers including Tensnake, 40 Thieves, Peter Rauhofer, Mark Kamins, Clouded Vision, Elija Rudman and of course, Johnny. Summer 2011 saw the launch of Dynell's own label, Endless Night Music, distributed by The Orchard, and its first release, "21st Century Vogue" (featuring Sade Pendavis, Paul Alexander, Jocelyn Brown and Princess Xtravaganza

2012 residencies include VANDAM @ GREENHOUSE (Sundays) and BASSMENT @ THE MONSTER (First Thursdays). Visit Johnny's LATEST NEWS link for all of his nights, shows and schedule.

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