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DJ Merritt (aka Merritt X) is one of the most innovative and cutting edge DJs in the New York City club scene to date. From his start at Chip Duckett’s ABC at Irving Plaza to the present, his unique fusion of energetic, pumping beats has made him a dance floor favorite all across New York City and abroad.

Among his many accomplishments, DJ Merritt is known for having had the most residencies of any dance club DJ in New York City. Residencies include Limelight (Disco 2000), Palladium, USA, Tunnel, Roxy, Pyramid, Expo, Exit, Cheetah, Life, Spa, Discotheque, Asseteria, Sound Factory, Sound Factory Bar and Twilo, with notable guest appearances at Save The Robots, Boy Bar, Vinyl, Centro Fly, Spirit, Avalon, Crobar and Pacha.

DJ Merritt was co-creator of the phenomenally successful "Sugar Babies" party and one of the creative minds who spearheaded The Tunnel night club's original after-hours. Merritt was also one of the resident DJs at NYC’s best and longest-running Sunday night House party, Cafe Con Leche.

DJ Merritt has spun at various high profile media events and celebrity functions for the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, “Marky” Mark Walhberg, Queen Latifah, Prince, Donatella Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Moss and Grace Jones and has been featured in publications such as The Village Voice, Time Out, Urb, ID, HX, Next, Paper Magazine and Page Six of The New York Post.

Music productions have included remixes and original material for dance labels such as Warner Brothers and BMG among others.

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Acerbic Film & Entertainment Group.

I was born in Manhattan, New York, to a young Chinese American couple. At two months of age I was adopted by an Italian American family in East New York where I resided through my second year of grade school before moving to Port Jefferson, New York (Long Island). In 1996 I moved back to downtown New York City where I enjoyed success as a real estate broker for the fashion industry.

It was through the encouragement of clients and contacts within the business which would inspire me to pursue a career as an actor. I had a head-shot made and sent it out sans agent. I answered an ad in 'Backstage' newspaper and landed a principle role in THE CUT RUNS DEEP (1998) which also marked the feature debut for director John H. Lee. In addition to my acting stint, I also served as a location scout on the production; even leasing my loft in Tribeca for interior shots. I also made appearances on the popular television sitcom "SPIN CITY" as well as national commercials while playing bits in features such as the direct-to-video release ROW YOUR BOAT (1998) starring musician/rock star turned actor Jon Bon Jovi. Upon obtaining the services of Jadin Wong, New York City's top talent agent for Asian performers, I soon found myself reading for some very good film roles and was on second call for ANNA AND THE KING (1999) and THE CORRUPTOR (1999). When I qualified for my Screen Actors Guild card my agent as well as some casting directors suggested I attend Bill Esper Studios in Manhattan to further hone my skills.

In 2000 I had resigned from acting. Still wishing to entertain, I embarked on a new career path as a DJ and was soon to become one of downtown Manhattan's top VIP nightclub DJ personalities making appearances from the Hamptons to South Beach.

Then in 2000, I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where utilizing my already vast knowledge and experience I founded Interstate Records; a music and entertainment company which combined retail, production and DJ schools all-in-one.

Due to certain circumstances I found myself forced to take an almost 10 year hiatus from the music and nightlife industry.

During my "situation" I had focused solely on studying film direction, production, and developed several stories as screenplays. I worked diligently in these areas. I read Daily Variety Magazine every day so that I might get a detailed understanding of the dynamics of the industry. I am preparing a film company launch some time next year. I am currently in production on a short film that I am currently shooting.

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Representing Florida to the Keys for over 20 years!

You could be forgiven for thinking that Deejay Smeejay is new on the scene with residencies at hip haunts such as Bar 721 and Kill Your Idol or perhaps you remember him from his Hustler Party in the side room of Liquid or the madness that was Lola Tuesdays over a decade ago.

But to hear Smeejay tell it, his career started at age 5, when he approached his mom and asked her to buy him his first record, Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue". His love affair with Pop culture and how it has been reflected in contempory music has led to a collection of over 27 thousand records and and almost as many CDs. He, himself, considers himself as much a curator and historian as a DJ.

His lineage stretches from Glam Rock and Disco roots to the New Wave and New Romanticism of the 80s to the very beginnings of House music itself. As South Beach exploded Smeejay exploded right along with it. With his infamous Go-Go residencies at Warsaw, Paragon and Torpedo, the pillars of South Beach's early clubs, DJing seemed the next logical step.

Liquid, Lola, Beauty Bar, Flute, Pop Life, Automatic Slims and Marlin Mondays were his icing and all the while his cake was his 5 and 10 year residencies at the Ritz Carlton and the Loews respectively. From birthday parties at Broadway Theaters, to BLT in San Juan's Ritz Carlton to a week of parties on privately chartered Little Palm Island, Smeejay knows how to get himself around. Having bounced back from a cancer scare in 2009 Smeejay once again tapped into his greatest strength, his creativity, and led the old Laundry Bar, now Bar 721, into a stellar Friday night that often sees more than 400 through the door in less than an hour.

His almost two year old Monday night party the gLITTER BOX at KILL YOUR IDOL has lived up to Smeejay's vision of a party not unlike Dennys at 6 a.m., filled with trannies and truckers. Oh, my! Just this week Smeejay teamed up with Michael M Singerpromoter for a great new Wednesday part at the Catalina Hotel on Collins, A Family Affair. Smeejay is determined to bring the fun back to South Beach and is doing so one successful party after another.

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Member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Studied Classical Ballet for over 18 years

Background/Lead Singer. Arrange Background Harmonies, Vocal Contractor, Voice overs, Jingles, Theater Credits include: Cool Papa's Party, Showboat, Sing Harlem Sing, An Evening at The Cotton Club, etc.

Recording Artist I have worked with include: Mary J. Blige, Puffy, Jade, Deelite, D'Angelo, Groove Theory, Dave Stewart, Taylor Dayne, Al-B Sure!, Calvin Richardson, Bon Jovi, LaToya Jackson, Bette Midler, Jon Secada, Heavy D, Father MC, Christine W, ....The list goes on to long I'm bored already talking about it.

I am a Vegetarian!!! But not an imposing one. I don't drink, don't smoke and don't do drugs...but if you do that's all about you. I don't judge you for it it's just not for me.

I am in to helping others whether it be with fitness, diet, or just needing someone to listen to a problem or just to bounce off an idea or something troubling you or even just to talk about something that is of importance. I like to help other in nutrition, by being a living example of practicing what I preach. Any time I can help someone regain help...I am willing to be there for you.

I am always inspired by others stories no matter how dark, sad, bizarre or enlightening they are the canvas that songs are made from.

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New York based Makeup Artist, Christine Geiger, developed a passion for makeup artistry at a very early age. She draws form influences both cultural and natural, industrial and organic. She is adept at communicating with collaborating artists. Her ability to translate their specific desired looks stems from her dedication and innate ability to listen, visualize and evolve these ideas onto the human canvas. With a keen eye for details, she strives to obtain a level of perfection while maintaining the fluidity of creative inspiration.

Her passion for makeup and its ability to create various personas plays a major role in her performance characters. Her ability to transform allows her to fit the theme of any event. She is inspired by haute couture, high fashion editorials and avant-garde conceptual art and illustration. The playful mergence of time periods and styles, help to depict whimsical dreams, dark dimensions and captivating worlds to her audience. She is often drenched in diamonds, seductive sequins, punches of color, peek-a-boo stripes and romantically tattered fabrics. 

With over 8 years of experience which stems along the East Coast from Florida to NYC, she has performed along with well known fire and performance artists such as Lucent Dossier, Flambeaux Fire, Lady Circus, Ali Luminescent, Claire de Luxe and Patika Starr. Her talents range from fire and led blacklight and glow theatrics, hoop dance and stilt walking. Fire performances include fire poi, fire hoop and double hoop, fire fans, double staves, fire belt, fire orb, fire umbrella, and fire eating. She has performed at an array of well known NYC establishments such as Webster Hall, Roseland Ballroom, Dream Hotel, Liberty Theater and the House of Yes.

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A professional freelance model hailing from Russia is known for dashing looks and now I am in Singapore.

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An artist expressing through various mediums would be a wonderful way to describe Heather Roman. Born in New Jersey and raised primarily in the Hillsborough area, Heather spent her early youth doing ‘normal’ childhood things. A self-proclaimed tomboy who enjoyed exploring the woods, nature and building forts, she also engaged in dance classes and gymnastics until the age of 13. Her teachers would often refer to her as gumby or rubber band due to her flexibility.

Her creative inclinations along with the desire to learn new things led Heather to discover pole dancing in January 2011. What started as an interesting curiosity quickly turned to passionate obsession with the sport. This included other mediums of flexible expression like silks and aerials. Much like the dance classes of her youth, Heather is consistently top in her classes and quickly excels beyond the instruction of the professionals. Heather’s passion for healthy living and fitness marry well with her love of pole dancing. She finds the sport consistently challenging. As she masters new moves and technique, her body craves more. As one might expect from an artist, she loves to perform. Heather performs whenever she has the opportunity in various creative shows, pole competitions and expositions.

Heather is currently teaching pole fitness classes at Sphericality in Flemington NJ. She is Xpert and AFAA certified. This opportunity gives her the chance to educate people in what the sport of pole dancing really is versus the negative stereotype and perception that all pole dancers are “working the stripper pole.” She shares her skill and draws inspiration from students that teach her as much as she teaches them. Pole dancing for Heather is truly her supreme self-expression.

When not avidly performing, practicing or teaching pole dancing, Heather is a graphic designer. She helps her clients find their ideal mode of self-expression through creativity. Heather is the founder and creative director of PoleStar Creative.

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"Sleeping fox catches no poultry"

Anthony Rodriguez also known as “Invertebrate” was born and raised in New York City. Throughout his childhood, he was always the small hyperactive child who had a problem sitting still. His parents would put him in sports teams to channel all that energy into something productive. Invertebrate was on teams for basketball, baseball, football, and even wrestling but nothing could captivate his attention.

Being small and underweight was another hardship he had to face when competing in sports where it mattered, but it never stopped him from trying. Tired of being benched for height and weight requirements he went into a sport where it did not matter. Throughout High School Anthony was a professional Counter-Strike gamer where he would sit in front of his computer for countless hours training for big tournaments that had big cash prizes along with sponsorships.

Luckily for him, he had two close neighborhood friends Anthony and Julian, the twins who would drag him away from his computer to go have a “normal childhood”. On these getaways with the twins, they would do things like skateboard, climb rocks by the shore, and play night games of manhunt with all the local kids. On one of these twin getaways, they were excited to show Invertebrate some video tapes that their father gave them. The tapes were Beat Street, Breakin, Breakin 2, and Battle of the Year 1997.

After all this inspiration, Invertebrate and the twins wanted to start devoting their time to the dance. Over the next couple of years they would split and go to different high schools, but would still try meeting up and practicing together. One day the twins told Invertebrate they were starting a crew in their high school with some members on their gymnastics team at the time. Invertebrate was convinced that this was his calling, so he went along with transferring schools to join the same gymnastics team and to be the first inducted into 5 Crew Dynasty in 2004.


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