Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Artist & Hoop Dancer-Flow Artist

Libby, aka Libra Fairy, is a dance artist with expertise in performance and choreography. After discovering an organic Hip-Hop flow and a passion for movement expression, Libby began formal training in Modern dance at age 14. Since then Libby has tapped into and fallen in love with other dance styles, namely African dance, Middle Eastern dance and Hoopdance.

She experiments with fusing these different styles to create movement that is fresh and unique. Libby has performed alongside The Manhattan Project (Rochester, NY), Govinda (Austin, TX), Laser Sex (Scranton, PA) and Solaris (Binghamton, NY).

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Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Artist & Hoop Dancer-Flow Artist

Libby, aka Libra Fairy, is a dance artist with expertise in performance and choreography. After discovering an organic Hip-Hop flow and a passion for movement expression, Libby began formal training in Modern dance at age 14. Since then Libby has tapped into and fallen in love with other dance styles, namely African dance, Middle Eastern dance and Hoopdance.

She experiments with fusing these different styles to create movement that is fresh and unique. Libby has performed alongside The Manhattan Project (Rochester, NY), Govinda (Austin, TX), Laser Sex (Scranton, PA) and Solaris (Binghamton, NY).

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Thom Wall is a consecutive two-time world champion three ball juggler, silver medal winner at the International Jugglers’ Association 2012 Senior Stage Competitions, and a fixture on Luke Burrage’s annual “Top 40 Jugglers of the Year” list online.
His organic style has been cultivated through training with renowned juggler Stefan Sing, intense modern dance study with Donlin Marsh of the Martha Graham Dance Company, as well as acrobatic and theatrical training with Ringling Brothers’ Clown College graduates at the New England Center for Circus Arts in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Thom has always known that he would spend his life in the circus. He fell in love with juggling at a young age, delighted by performers on streets and stages across the country — an opportunity afforded to him by his parents as they moved the family coast to coast through his childhood. Thom was inspired by variety artists’ ability to convey stories and emotion through creative feats of daring and bravado. Since these early impressions, he has tirelessly refined his craft.

After graduating from Washington University in Saint Louis with a BA in Germanic Languages, Thom was hired by the Hellzapoppin Sideshow Revue to juggle knives onstage at rock ‘n roll concerts. Shortly thereafter, he was picked up by the Boulder Ballet Company to perform in a non-traditional production of “The Nutcracker” which featured acrobatic, juggling, and equilibristic routines. There, he helped choreograph and perform a fast-paced club passing routine to the Russian Suite, alongside juggling greats Peter Davison (of Airjazz fame) and Cindy Marvell (from Lazer Vaudeville). Thom has performed over one-thousand shows since graduating from university, inspiring audiences with his unique blend of theatricality, dance, and juggling technique.

Today, Thom can be found performing at venues all across North America, for clients such as The Boeing Company, the United States National Guard, the YMCA, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, and Aveda.

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  • Juggling DJ
  • Dance
  • Music production and remixing
  • Acrobatics
  • Photography
  • Acting
  • Video projection mapping


Boulder Colorado Circus Center
Circus star award
Gold Medal at the International Jugglers Association Senior Individuals competition


  • Croisé,Research and creation project 2012 - La Tohu
  • Génération 2.0,End of the year show 2012 - La Tohu
  • Pomme Grenade,End of the year show 2011 - La Tohu
  • Symphonic Orchestra of Longueuil 2011 - Peter and the Wolf - Longueuil, Québec
  • Gala at Trois-Rivières Sport Center 2011 - Juggling number - Trois-Rivières, Québec
  • Cabaret Adesam 2011 - Juggling number - National Circus School, MontréalKYLE



  • Théâtre Rialto - Christmas Show - Théâtre Rialto, Montréal
  • Throw 2 Catch - Various events - Montréal, Canada
  • Circus School of Quebec - Turbo Juggling Festival - Québec, Canada
  • Jazz Festival of Montreal - L’avenir n’est plus ce qu’il était -Street show, Place des arts, Montréal
  • Art Festival of Saint-Sauveur - You And Me Falling - Saint-Sauveur
  • St-Ambroise Fringe Festival Rope and Thread = ISM - Church Sainte-Brigide-de-Kildare, Montréal
  • Francofolies Festival of Montreal - Mamselle cabaret - Café Campus, Montréal


  • Kimmel Center Summer Solstice event -  Portrait - Philadelphie Kimmel Center
  • Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival - Les Minutes - Street show
  • Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival - Cubitus - Street show


  • Cirquetacular Entertainment - Various Events - New York City
  • Acroback Entertainment - Various Events - New York City
  • Bristol Riverside Theater - UP - Bristol, Pennsylvania
  • Fenway park - Northeastern University Family Day  - at Fenway Boston, Massachusetts
  • Celebration Barn - Big Barn Show - Buckfield, Maine


Give and Take Jugglers - Various events - USA


  • Various DJing events for La Tohu
  • Circus teacher (adults/ children) 2009-2010 Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
  • Various original compositions of music for performances
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Experience the first double - zero - entertainers in the world, with charm, with, and its optical illusion art. Professionalism is posted here, great for your dedication will never be forgotten and guests will talk about for a long time about you and your event.

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My name is George Diamond and I am magician, illusionist and quickchange artist coming from Belgrade, Serbia. I would be interested in being represented by your Agency and I would be glad to get offers for interesting work opportunities that you might have for me. Here's
several details on our shows and acts for your reference.

I am specialized in stage illusions, quick costume changes (transformation) and stage/comedy magic. I have been performing internationally for many years on cruise ships (Star Cruises, Costa  Cruises), variety theatres, production shows, cabaret, circus, theme parks and corporate events.

A very wide variety of performance material (three different full scale shows and a large number of short spots) makes my show adaptable for different venues and occasions as well as for different Clients' needs. My shows' length can vary from a 5 minute short spot to a full scale show of 90 minutes. Our shows are family oriented and appeal to international audiences of different age groups, nationalities, different interest groups, etc. The spoken parts of my show can be performed in several different languages, while most of the show is silent and performed to music. My shows and numbers have been shaped by several famous choreographers and show producers from the cruise entertainment industry. On short term contracts, I'm accompanied by a female assistant and we mostly work as a duo. On long term contracts I can either work with my assistant or I can work with one or more resident dancers (production cast dancers on the ships, etc.).

Besides performing illusions and stage magic, I present a very attractive and visual quickchange act in my show. This act brings audiences around the world to their feet always resulting in a standing ovation.

I also have 2 different full scale one man shows, featuring mostly visual stage magic and comedy magic. These shows are suitable for smaller theaters and are very practical when it comes to size and weight of the equipment, while they play big on every stage.

I am available for international bookings and would be glad to accept your offers.

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It is said that everyone in this has a double. Someone who could occupy a physical likeness that couldn't fool even the closest of friends and family into thinking the original is in their presence.

The world renowned singer, writer, poet, lyricist, humanitarian, father, husband and one of the most easily identifiable faces Bono from the rock band U2 has such a double. His name is Pavel Sfera.

Pavel has been a professional impersonator and look alike as Bono for nearly a decade, but has been hearing the resemblance almost as long as U2 has been together as a group. As Bono's popularity has crossed the spectrum of multi-generations, multi-cultures, classes of peoples, languages, political ideologies, Pavel has had the first hand experiences of what it's like to have affection showered to him, to have strangers cry when they've approached him, to have hoards of people sing U2 songs in unison as he's walked by, of children wanting to touch him, his clothes, his face....all walks of life wishing him blessings thinking that they are pouring their heartfelt emotions to the “Bono” himself, the ambassador to all peoples. Pavel sees it as an honor to be given such unearned affections, but he also recognizes the responsibilities, power, depth and honesty in all the genuine admiration coming his way.

Pavel has many times shared with people and fans of Bono himself that he is only a look alike and thanks them for having such affections for a man who thinks himself simple but one who has come to the world's chalkboard of life and written out the workable formula for all peoples to love one another and care for each other in their everyday lives. But as people wish to either believe they are in the presence of Bono or that they don't believe what Pavel is explaining that he's not Bono, people still don't believe. He has found it easier to share with them in the moment than to spoil the internal excitement they're feeling. Pavel like Bono feels that love flows in all things that move within and that we can float in it...through music, through charitable works, through friendships, through family and in the greatness of everyday chance meetings with strangers.

Like Bono, Pavel has been working with charitable organizations since the mid 80's and like Bono feels that it is a duty to carry the less fortunate when every possible. Pavel has spent time in many orphanages in Mexico and Romania help making life easier for all the children there.

After the death of his father in 2001, Pavel has taken deep perspectives of his life wishing for a greater meaning, a great influence and a great ability to touch the hearts, minds and souls of whomever he comes across. In so doing, Pavel decided to add to his already theatrical and musical experiences an addition that didn't need much costuming, make up or character changes. He started marketing his own “Bono” and started up his own U2 tribute band and has been entertaining & engaging audiences with U2 tunes large and small. “It doesn't matter the size of the crowd, the passion is the same, the lyrics move like gospel tunes, the flow of love of this band is like being in a boat down a great river chorus of angels” His travels have taken him to many continents making personal appearances at weddings, schools, corporate and other special events, singing to tracks to U2 music, playing acoustic guitar or just singing a capella. Pavel has been on many national and international televsion and radio programs, he has been interviewed in many newspapers and has been asked to doubled for “Bono” himself for a Vogue magazine shoot in November of 2007.

Pavel Sfera who is based in Los Angeles, California was born in the former republics of Yugoslavia from Romanian parents came to the USA as a child.
Pavel is also a poet, a writer, composer, photographer and enjoys exploring cultures, geography and exotic foods.

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I am Robert De Niro's celebrity lookalike impersonator. Available for film, television, corporate functions, tradeshows, events, etc.


Robert grew up in the entertainment business in Las Vegas. Performing on the strip at the age of thirteen as a comic magician. As time went on, Robert developed an ability to do multiple impressions of actors, singers, and other celebrities. Not until the early 2000's did Robert see (along with everybody that's met him) a striking resemblance to Robert De Niro. Making appearances live and on television and film as the two time Oscar winning actor's impersonator, has made Robert Nash a local celebrity on the Las Vegas entertainment scene. This multiple award winning impersonator also travels extensively with his new live act "The magic of DeNiro". A show combined of Mob styled magic, comedy, and a presence of De Niro like you've never seen before!


  • Feature Film "3 days in Vegas"
  • Feature Film "Beyond the Game"
  • Feature Film "Grudge Match"
  • (De Niro photo double)
  • Counting Cars
  • Top Gear
  • Mafia Heaven wine commercial
  • The Bill Cunningham Show
  • C-MORE Movie channel commercial
  • Mob Museum Las Vegas
  • The Las Vegas Mob Experience
  • MMA Expo Tropicana Atlantic City
  • HardRock Hotel
  • Vdara Hotel
  • Bellagio Hotel
  • Tropicana Hotel
  • Red Rock Hotel & Casino
  • TAO Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV.
  • ABC's Morning Blend
  • CBS's Entertainer's Interview
  • FOX 5 News
  • Cat House Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV.
  • Hooter's Casino Hotel Main Showroom
  • Voice of Vegas with Bart Torres
  • Celebrity Impersonators Convention
  • Showboat - Atlantic City, NJ.
  • AND MANY MORE.........


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Ty Stone - a lifelong student of James Brown ...
Ty grew up in Chicago and as the second of three sons he always had to try a little harder to be noticed. One night his parents sneaked him backstage at his Uncle's nightclub to see James Brown perform live. Needless to say, Ty has never forgotten that show!

During middle school and high school Ty performed with his bands at every talent show possible doing his James Brown routine. As teens, the band members would pool together their money and take turns going to the show then returning the next day to show the others the latest choreography and moves.

Soul to Soul ...
As an adult, Ty continued to perform the songs of James Brown as he worked with numerous bands, singing, dancing and shouting like the Godfather of Soul. In early 2007, after James Brown's death, Ty was encouraged by a local promoter and friend to create a Tribute show to James Brown. Over the years Ty has perfected his show to give you this authentic tribute to James Brown.

Growing up, Ty also admired many other great artists of the time, greats such as Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and Jackie Wilson to name just a few. Along with James Brown, they are now what Ty calls "The Men Upstairs". "They must be putting on one heck of a show up there!"

BUT - Not all of Ty's mentors have left us yet. Among others, you may recognize some of Ty's favorite songs from Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Clarence Carter and even Morris Day and The Time.

Ty has recently released a CD of his original songs - songs with a variety of styles. He is currently working on a new CD of songs from the "Men Upstairs".

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AWARD-WINNING LADY GAGA IMPERSONATOR BETTY ATCHISON, tribute artist and look-alike, sings live vocals, plays piano, and replicates the choreography Lady Gaga has made famous.

Her high energy Lady Gaga Tribute Shows feature dazzling costume replicas, lively audience interaction, and up to 8 professional dancers recently winning:

  • 2012 Best Performance Showcase - Platinum
  • 2012 Best Overall Celebrity Re-Creation
  • Best Costume Hall of Fame
  • Bea Fogelman Award of Excellence
  • Most Professional Impersonator
  • as voted by her peers, talent agents, and producers throughout the U.S. attending the Sunburst Convention of Professional Tribute Artists and the Las Vegas Reel Awards.

As a bonus, Betty's Lady Gaga Tribute shows offer a spectacular duplicate of Lady Gaga's signature "sparkler bra" available as an upgrade upon request.


Cher Impersonator Betty Atchison is one of the top Cher impersonators and tribute artists in the nation recently awarded:


as voted by her peers, talent agents, and producers throughout the U.S. attending the Sunburst Convention of Professional Tribute Artists in addition to the

Las Vegas Reel Awards hosted by International Celebrity Images

Hired exclusively to perform for CELINE DION, RENE ANGELIL, and JIMMY BUFFETT, Betty was featured at the CHER CONVENTION at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, where Cher was performing.
Singing live vocals, world-class performances with tracks or band are available along with her own professional showgirls in spectacular customized costumes.

Industry recognized body/voice double for Cher, Betty has specialized as a professional look alike for Cher appearing worldwide on television, international magazines, corporate conventions, trade shows, and special events. She has performed for audiences in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Aruba, Bahamas, Cancun, Hawaii, Maui, Canada, and throughout the United States; making Betty the perfect choice for all ages, venues and cultural events.

A realistic body-double for Cher, Betty stands a slender 5'8" tall and uses her own natural waist-length black hair for "70's era Cher" appearances.
She vigorously maintains Cher's trademark 110 lb. Physique with a full-time personal trainer and works hard to perfect the skills that have put her on top as the look alike industry's ultimate cher impersonator.

All four decades of "Cher" are available!
Choose from a wide variety of show themes - the 'Hippie Cher' of the 1960's, the glamorous 'Television Cher' of the 70's, the 'Rock and Roll Cher' and 'Academy Awards Cher' of the 80's, to the most recent 'Believe and Farewell Tour Cher' of today.
All of these featuring a complete selection of multiple award-winning Bob Mackie costume replicas of Cher's designer gowns and Vegas show costumes.

Incorporating her professional choreography and production experience, Betty frequently stages shows featuring A-List celebrity look-a-likes with her company of dancers for corporate clients.
Spectacular shows can be customized to fit every occasion.

Betty as Cher is guaranteed to make your next event an unforgettable experience!

Pricing is relative to location, venue, and season of event.

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