I love to pose. I can quickly change poses or stay in one for a long time. I always try to make the client happy. I'm positive.

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Nia is a New York native based in Los Angeles. With Caribbean roots, she is St. Thomian and Cruzan and brings her island influence into her lifestyle. She models commercially, in swimwear, high fashion and beauty, and all other modes. Both a certified Yoga teacher and a  graduate of St. Joseph's College in New York with a degree in Education/Psychology, Nia is an adaptable and creative professional who seeks to bring her worldly influences and crafts into the entertainment industry.

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I am a Polish freelance, published model, based in London. I have experience in lifestyle, artistic, editorial, fashion shows and boudoir shoots. I am also a published book illustrator and artist, as well as an occupational therapist, with a passion for meeting new creatives and exploring new places!!

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21 years old Belarus model.

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Freelance model based in NYC

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I am a dog trainer; dancer and actress

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Film student with a professional background in acting and modeling

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Type: TV Pilots

Role type: Supporting
Very energetic, smart, tactful. She’s in a relationship being supportive but also protecting her livelihood.

Ms. Brown-
Role Type: Supporting
Gender: female
Age Range:36-45
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent
Role Description: Serious attitude, insecure.

Role Type: Supporting
Gender: female
Age Range:35-40
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, White / European Descent
Role Description :Married. Strong willed. Huge ego, loves fashion.

Office Assistant
Role Type: Background / Extra
Gender: Female
Age Range:25-55
Ethnicity: N/A

Role Type: Lead
Gender: Male
Age Range:30-35
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent
Role Description: Slender -Medium build; Wants something beyond hustling and prison, but sacrificing his mental makeup is a challenge.

Mr. Brown-
Role Type: Supporting
Gender: Male
Age Range:35-40
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent
Role Description: Slender-Medium build. Loves dressing up. Married but thinks of self first.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Houston, Texas
Please submit to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 2021-05-21
Submit headshot and resume if available.

This casting notice was posted by: iMEN FILMS

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Currently Residing in Brooklyn New York, Jacob McKee is a Multi-Disciplined Artist and Performer. Originally starting off as a musician, Jacob trained as a Classical Bassist for 10 years as well as a singer for 4. Once arriving in New York, Jacob attended Tisch School of the arts where he began to study Drama as well as design. Shifting his focus towards Circus, Jacob had been trained by Cirque Du Soleil performers, ENC graduates, NECCA Graduates, and Broadway Veterans in multiple Aerial and Circus Disciplines.

Primarily focusing on aerial, Jacob is trained on Lyra, Hammock, Silks, Spanish Web, as well as a variety of specialty apparatuses! Due to his music training, he finds movement very compelling yet complicated as a device to further bring forth sound.

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Born on March 21, 1987 Seanna Sharpe fell in love with flight after an early affaire with Peter Pan, and has ever since been climbing, flying, and falling - in style.

After graduating high school in Mexico, Sharpe took to the air at age 16, studying Aerial Dance at Le Cirque Centre on the West Coast and training with Lorenzo SantaBarbara, Elsie Smith, Terry Crane, Laura Stokes, and Kerri Podgorski before founding Le Cirque's Adult Program in 2007.

In 2008, after dancing across 26 countries, Sharpe left everything and everyone behind and moved to New York City.

There, she studied Political Philosophy, Metaphor, Fine Art, Production, and Dance at NYU, as well as training 6 days a week at New York Circus Arts. Her first solo art show, "An Octopus of My Own", featured 27 portraits of cephalopods rendered in various mediums, from painting, to sculpture, to performance. That spring, her fashions took to the runway for Eco-Fashion Week, showcasing seven of her Umbrella Dresses, transformed from skeletons in the gutters to haute couture.

Meanwhile, Sharpe was teaching Circus To The People, NYC's first donation-based Aerial Dance Class, at The Trapeze Loft and Silk Cloud Swing - her own invention - at The Skybox and STREB, Brooklyn's revolutionary dedicated Aerial Theatre and Circus Schools.

Seanna Sharpe graduated from Gallatin in 2010 with the world's first BA in Circustentialism.

Between 2009 and 2011, she performed at nearly 300 parties, festivals, theaters, galleries, and events, across the country and the world. Sharpe has flown for Cirque du Soleil, The Guggenheim, Beyonce, SCOPE, Artist's Wanted, OmniCircus, ReSolute, Shanghai Mermaid, The Danger, Gemini & Scorpio, Winkel & Baltick, LAVO, Waterwheel Park, The Shakespeare Festival Green Show, The Trapeze Loft Cabaret, and Galapagos Art Space...among others.

"When I fly, people forget everything they thought they knew about impossible."
- Seanna Sharpe, The New York Times

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