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Mathieu Bolillo

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Why YOU should have FUN with ME

No matter what level you're at (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Athlete Amateur or Professional).
I'm here for YOU. Adapt for YOU. Commit for YOU. Motivate YOU.
Inspire YOU to get where you really want to go, achieve your goals and see amazing results that you don't even expect!

Balance your life invite you to amaze yourself improving your handstand while practicing together. My method and the way I teach, with 20 years of experience, makes you discover, face and overcome your deepest self such as fears, doubts and so on while having FUN!
Open the possibilities with handstand and fitness trainings and I'll guide you to make YOUR LIFE the BEST!

What YOU will get and expect as health benefits from the Fitness trainings and Handstand classes:
Calisthenics: Fun and inspirational body weight exercises!
Cardio: Lean body and loosing weight!
Agility: Fluidity, Balance and discovering more possibilities of your body motions!
Core: more strength and stability of your body!
Motivation: I'm here for YOU with another aspect of approaching workouts and get to your fitness goals!

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