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Professional Belly Dance Artist Middle Eastern Performer, Instructor and Choreographer

Donna has been a Professional Middle Eastern Performer and Instructor in the Northeastern states for many years. She has appeared at hotels, casinos, showcases, festivals, country clubs, universities, charity events and performed with dance companies. She appears regularly as the featured dancer for various restaurants in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Donna has been requested by invitation to perform in Atlantic City for various casinos, by request for the Turkish Ambassador and renowned dance companies in the Tri-State area. She has also been requested by invitation to perform in Cairo, Egypt. Donna has given lessons and lectures on the ancient art form of Middle Eastern Dance, at several colleges and dance studios throughout the Philadelphia and surrounding counties. She has been sought after to teach and instruct for dance colleges in the area and to perform stage as well as cabaret shows for various public venues. Donna is one of Philadelphia’s premier dancer/instructors and is well known in the Tri-State area for offering professional, artistic, enchanting family friendly shows that are unique and authentic. She truly honors the art of Middle Eastern culture and dance. Donna has written many published articles on Middle Eastern dance that truly denote the respect and artistic presence of Belly Dance.

Donna has been captured by the arts since she was a young child. Beginning her dance studies with classes as well as lessons in ballet, lyrical, jazz, modern, hip-hop, Irish dancing, Ballroom and Latin dance, Donna is a well rounded entertainer. She was first introduced to the unique and graceful style of Middle Eastern Dance by her grandmother, who had been a performer/teacher herself in the traditional Turkish style. Traveling to Turkey for a better understanding of this art, her grandmother brought back the true essence of the Turkish style and movements which she passed on to Donna.

As her love for this rare, but sensual feminine dance grew, Donna expanded her studies to include lessons in the Egyptian and Lebanese styles of dance including the most common known modern Egyptian style, Raqs Sharqi. Cabaret dancers (or dancers in restaurants and night clubs that perform with the audience) are commonly known throughout the Middle East as performing Raqs Sharqi. Donna has also learned the traditional styles of Egyptian dance known as Baladi and Saidi. She has taken master workshop classes in both of these styles and received certification of the dance style and knowledge behind each of them. She has incorporated the above styles into her dance making her very diverse in the Middle Eastern art. Combining the traditional Turkish and Egyptian moves with modern flare has made her one of the most authentic dancers of the area. While Donna has a true heart-felt compassion for the Middle Eastern styles of dance, she has also learned the new and upcoming American Cabaret style of Belly Dance. Some of her teachers include, but are not limited to Nourhan Sherif, Sahra Saeeda, Jehan, Azhia, Najia, Lina, Marina Darowish and Suhaila Salimpour.

Donna continues to expand her knowledge and love of this art form by attending and hosting workshops in all genres of true Middle Eastern Dance styles. As a dominantly free-style performer, Donna loves to be with her audience and incorporate them into her dance; She possesses a lively, energetic movement that is controlled by a soft and sensual grace. Being a professional dancer and choreographer has enabled her to respect and understand the music and rhythms required of a true belly dance performance. In Cairo, Egypt there is a saying “every girl is a born dancer” which Donna truly embodies with the Egyptian/Turkish/Lebanese culture, style and dance art.

“I have always loved Middle Eastern Dancing and hope to continue to dance, teach, choreograph and learn all new, as well as, old aspects of the various styles.” Donna.

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